Teens Should Be Allowed To Go To Bed Before 11 Argumentative Essay

Argument Essay
What if I told you that the reason teens not being able to go to bed before 11 isn’t mainly their fault. Sure if they 're watching YouTube eating, and drinking energy drinks all night long than we could say that this is primarily the reason they complain about being tired for school. But what about the kids that find themselves tossing and turning all night long until they realize they 're alarm just went off. Various students find themselves waking up anywhere from 6am, to 7am right before their bus comes. being woken up by their obnoxious “ring” of their alarms, they must use every ounce of energy; and get out of bed for school. Once the willpower to get out of a warm bed is found, before you know it you 're riding in an oversized
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While sometimes this might be true we can’t always assume this immediately and try to justify it by saying the student “doesn 't care.” If you don 't expect a drowsy adult to drive a car for 15 minutes how do you expect a tired kid to pay attention for the first two hours of school? Now not all teens and students are the same some find it very easy to fall asleep before 11 and wake up fine. But we must look at the bigger picture, how can we make it easier for students to stay engaged in class. Throughout my own experiences I have always found myself tired when getting up for school. No matter how much sleep I get 8,9, and even 10 hours of sleep, waking up early has been a challenge. Although science says that students need 8-10 sleep hours of sleep to be able to function fully it doesn’t always mean that they will be able to when they do get enough. Sometimes the problem isn’t the amount of sleep but the time you are getting up. I have tried everything from coffee to the silly tips you can find on YouTube, but nothing has given me that burst of energy to be able to stay awake and focused. Now I wake up for school at about 6:45AM. But on the weekends I wake up anywhere from 7:30-8:30am and find myself feeling fully rejuvenated. I always found this strange because even though I get roughly 7-8 hours of sleep for school or on weekends why did I …show more content…
Teachers noticed a change from 2-3 letter grade differences than the year before. In fact, even the AAP (american academy of pediatrics) recommend that school should start no earlier than 8:30. Starting school before 8 is causing students to lose to big of a chunk of REM sleep. According to polysomnographers this is the most important stage of sleep if this is stripped away from them, people can experience changes in behavior which leads to them causing trouble in school. So why does school start early? In what way are the students benefiting from this? Two reasons time and money. The earlier we start school the earlier the bell can ring at the end of the day. And the earlier we get to leave it gives us more time for after school activities like sports, tutoring, or even just hanging out with friends. As for money, are schools really saving that much money by having an earlier start? According to an article by Marie Anderson, schools can save up to 30% by staggering buses, meaning that bus drivers can run more routes because of the earlier start times. While having extra time after school and saving a little bit of money is good does it outweigh the benefits of later start times? There are many ways schools can save money, yes staggering buses is good but by having more bus drivers more jobs are created. When more jobs are created people spend more money and the economy generally gets

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