Reasons Why Should School Start Later?

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Less Likely: Reasons Why Schools Should Start Later
Most students go to school early, come home longing for sleep, and stay up long hours into the night doing homework. However, this is detrimental to their health and performance. Many school boards assume that tired teenagers are just part of the high school experience. They do not see sleep deprived teenagers as being a big enough problem to change the school start times. On the other hand, many sleep experts recommend that schools begin later because teenagers require more sleep and naturally have a different sleep cycle. Many benefits occur because of later school start times. For this reason, school start times should be delayed.
If high schools’ start time were delayed students would
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As Richter puts it, “Sleep deprivation increases the likelihood that teenagers will suffer a myriad [of] negative consequences, including...thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts.” In other words, Richter believes that teenagers can more easily become hopeless when sleep deprived. In addition, a lack of sleep can lead to mood problems. Richter agrees when she writes, “Sleep is believed to help regulate many emotions, and its deprivation is an underlying component of many mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.” Richter believes that without adequate sleep teenagers are left with little control over their emotions. These studies show that teenagers feel a wide and chaotic swing of emotions without enough …show more content…
One way to negate bus costs is to have public schools use public transportation, if needed, to get to school later. Salt Lake Tribune writer Kristen Moulton writes, “The district more recently solved transportation troubles by giving high school students public transportation passes” (Moulton). Moulton urges deciding schools to consider public transportation as an option when considering costs of regular school buses. The required money is worth spending for many reasons, and there are also many other ways to negate the monetary

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