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Does your teenager wake feeling drowsy and powerless—repeatedly clicking the snooze button, and before you know it, they’re late for school? You’re not alone. Roughly 40% of American high schools are opening their doors before 8 a.m. People are debating whether starting school earlier is a good idea, or if it could interfere with other after-school clubs and sports. The benefits of schools starting later in the morning far outweighs these concerns, as it allows teens the necessary resting time which their developing bodies require, it makes life easier for parents in dealing with grumpy, sleep-deprived children, and it provides many notable health and academic benefits.

The first supporting reason for pushing back the starting school bell is that it gives students more sleeping time, which they absolutely need to function at full capacity in school. It is recommended that growing teens get an average of 8.5-9.5 hours of sleep each night for proper development
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When parents go to wake up their kids in the morning, it can be as if they’re trying to wake a mummy. Some parents may have to nudge and shake their kids just to get them out for the bus on time. This can be the worst possible situation for a parent, especially if they have a job they need to be to time.
According to an NPR podcast called, “Parents of Sleep-Deprived Teens Push For Later School Start Times.” “Cristina Sevin knows the drill. Her 15-year-old son Isaac's first alarm goes off at 6:05 a.m. When he sleeps right through it, Mom starts the nudging. But she also has to wake up 16-year-old Lily. She flips on the bedroom lights. ‘Lily, you gotta get up!’ ” Like Cristina, many parents have to deal with the frustration that can come for waking kids up in the morning, but this can easily be solved if schools would push back starting

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