Pros And Cons Of Middle School Start Later

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High School and Middle School Days Should Start Later

Should middle school and high school days start later in the day? In my opinion, I don't think it should. The school day should not change their time later in the day. There may be really good pros to the idea, but there are also plenty of cons for delaying the school start times. These cons can affect both students and the teachers. It can also affect the parents of the students.

One of the reasons why schools shouldn't change their start times is because of transportation. Changing the school start times will also change the pickup times for the school buses. According to, most school districts have a delicately balanced bus transportation designed
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Parents have to go to work every morning, and changing the school start time earlier

Other people claim that changing the school start time to a later time is good for the students. By doing so, students would have better academic performance because they would be able to get enough sleep for the night and be more active for the next day. Only less than third of teens in the United States get enough sleep that they need. Because of this early schedule, most students couldn’t get enough sleep and aren’t able to focus more properly in
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The reasons why some middle school and high school students can’t get enough sleep is because they stay up late watching tv, playing video games, surfing the Internet and the like. This problem can be solved by parents giving their child strict rules about how long they can stay up at night. But some parents don’t usually do that, and just let their kids do what they want to do. Well, there are also parents who actually do that, but some kids can be rebels (like me, for example) and not actually follow the rules. Sometimes, it’s the student’s fault why they can’t get enough sleep. And even if they do change the school start time, the students might change their sleep schedule to an even later one, knowing that school will start later in the day. You might say that, “Another reason why some students can’t get enough sleep is because of homework that they need to finish.” I say that this argument is invalid, because if the school start time will be delayed, then the school end time will also be delayed, and you’ll still get the same amount of hours you’ll have between when school stops and when school starts again the next day. It doesn’t change anything.

To sum it up, I think that middle and high school days should not start later. There is no need for delaying the school start times. By keeping the start of a school day to the same time, we wouldn’t have to face any transportation problems, problems

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