Why High School Should Start Later

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Many schools in America start school earlier than 8:30 a.m, resulting in tired students, most generally teens. Here at The Preston High School the start time is 7:53 a.m. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2002 Sleep in America poll, 80% said high schools should start no earlier than 8:00 a.m. each day. Many students complain throughout the school day of being tired because there are getting less than the recommended 8.5-9.5 hours of sleep due to homework and extra-curricular activities. Later start times could improve mood, performance, attendance, and alertness in students. The only downfall to starting the day later means that the end of the day is later as well. However, academic performances would improve if the school day started later. …show more content…
However, a National Sleep Foundation poll found 87% of high school students were getting less than the recommended hours of sleep. Most teens are losing this recommended hours of sleep to homework, extra-curricular activities, technology, work, and hanging out with their friends. Preston High School is one school out of many that offers all students different extra-curricular opportunities as well as the community. These teens dedicate their time to youth league sports, community service, school sports, tutoring after school, and etc. The majority of the students at Preston High School are unaware on how to manage everything. Therefore, their bodies are in chronic sleep deprivation. Chronic sleep deprivation is exactly what it sounds like, prolonged loss of sleep. These teens living with chronic sleep deprivation are affected physically, mentally, and their behavioral health is impacted as well. Teachers and parents often overlook these

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