Argumentative Essay: Why Do School Start Later?

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Many students in schools all around the world seem tired. Does this show that school starts too early? Over 83% of schools around the world start earlier than 8:30 A.M. ( Since all of these schools begin at sunrise, students are sometimes tired while they are trying to learn. This could affect their ability to participate, pay attention, and understand the information they are receiving.
Not being able to get enough sleep at night is a big issue for kids as well as teens. Kids and teenagers need to have at least eight and one half hours to nine hours of sleep each night. Studies show that only about 20% of teens have gotten the recommended amount of sleep each night they are supposed to ( What makes them not
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If students start earlier then they get to leave earlier ( This opinion is false because even if school will still begin at the same time as usual and kids will still be tired. Even if school did start earlier it would not be worth it for kids and teenagers because they need more sleep, which would mean they would need to go to bed earlier in the evening to get in a full eight hours. With sports, homework and other activities it is not possible for kids to go to bed early enough to get up in the morning. This would only be more harmful, even if it meant getting to leave school earlier. It is just too hard to concentrate after not getting enough sleep and getting up too early in the morning for kids and teenagers.
School should start later because kids need more sleep to keep their attention span up so they will be able to learn and do better academically. There is too many activities after school and too much homework in order to be able to go to sleep early every night and get good sleep. To go to bed late and get up early in the morning can also make kids and teenagers more prone to getting sick. Everyone should agree to start school later. In all, it is much better than starting school earlier and would only benefit kids and teenagers, rather than put more stress on

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