School Start Later

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School Day Should Start Later
The beginning of the day,also known as morning, affects certain ages . Many teens don’t agree when it comes to arriving at school at such early timing. Many students are faced with daily problems due to this. However, some could say they overcome these problems ,but many can’t. School starting at a later time should occur because students would have more time to sleep, wouldn’t have to rush, and would have more focus.
First and foremost, many young teens are faced with daily problems with not having enough sleep that causes problems. In the article “Wake up calls fast facts’’ posted by “School Should start’’ several facts are shared about student’s health based on the hours of sleep one receives ,”…
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In the article “Why school should start later in the morning” an article posted by “the’’ had later time start at different high schools and saw a difference “…a boost in attendance, test scores, and grades in math, English, science, and social studies, gives students the right amount of sleep and motivates them do well in class.”Students are dealing with problems during class that they can’t control. You think students sleep in class knowing their grades are going to be in danger?(etho) Based on ‘’National Sleep Foundation’’ student’s alertness was tested and ‘’ they showed more alertness at 8 pm than earlier in the day, and even greater alertness at 10 am.’’ When students are awoken on that required rest time they tend to exceed and focus more in class. However, some think that the students are responsible for these actions. Many teens try to create and follow a “Sleep Habit’’, but teens can’t control when they fall asleep. In the article “National Sleep Foundation’’ Gives important evidence in why students are struggling with rest for school,” Research shows the typical adolescent’s natural time to fall asleep may be 11 pm or later; because of this change in their internal clocks, teens may feel wide awake at bedtime, even when they are exhausted.’’ Students are going through puberty and are maturing so they can’t really decide when they can fall asleep which affects their

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