The Importance Of Teenagers And Sleep: Why They Cannot Get Enough

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Teenagers and Sleep: Why They Cannot Get Enough Sleep deprivation is a common, dangerously unnoticed problem in many Americans today, especially those involved in work and education (Shaw). However, the problem is severely more apparent in the adolescent population, which can be attributed to the increased need for sleep in adolescents. Compared to children, adults, and seniors, teenagers require an abnormally large amount of uninterrupted sleep, a sharp inconsistency in the otherwise inversely linear progression of necessary sleep with age. The reason lies in a multitude of factors- due to environmental factors and the cultural day to day routine, teenagers are inhibited in their nightly rest. As a result, they are sleep deprived and lack …show more content…
However, the opposite also remains true- bad health decreases quality of sleep and increases rate of insomnia. (Dahl 355). In combination with the clear physical growth, adolescent brain development is one of the most important changes occurring throughout the body during this period, and the majority of the development takes place during sleep. One of the largest changes occurring, apart from frontal lobe development and growth, is the changing of brain chemistry and different hormones within the body.
The Circadian Rhythm is the biological clock upon which the body creates routine and controls urges to sleep and eat, amongst other important activities. Through different senses and body processes, it adapts to fit the needs of the body. The most prevalent example of this is in melatonin, the hormone and brain chemical that is the primary agent in causing sleepiness. Melatonin reacts primarily to light, and as such, explains the process of sleeping at night (Carskadon 350). However, professor Mary Carskadon of Brown University has discovered that during adolescence, “ the brain 's circadian timing system--controlled mainly by melatonin--switches on later at night as
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In sum, the effects of society have hurt the teenager, making attaining sleep difficult. The difficulty of reaching restfulness and sleep increase the need for sleep in the average teenager, factoring in to explain the massive gap in required sleep in adults versus their younger counterparts. Teenagers need more sleep, and they are getting less; this paradox continues to plague our youth and leave them in a perpetual state of

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