The Negative Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On College Students

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Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is as a magic wand that will change your day for the better when it is used properly. Nowadays life has become more difficult than before. There are those who need to work for long hours in order to earn a sufficient amount of money to help them to live decently. As well as many students need to study long hours in order to succeed and get high grades, and thus get a good job in the near future. Most of these people and many others suffer from lack of sleep that could lead to negative repercussions on their daily lives. Some people claim that lack of sleep does not impact their daily lives. However, sleep deprivation frequently leads to negative effects on human memory, academic performance and the immune system.
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Recently, most students don 't get enough sleep every night because they have a lot of things to do, such as studying, doing homework and spending time with their relatives or friends. A study was done by Harrison (2010) reported that an undergraduate student 's performance is influenced with both quality and quantity of sleep. This study shows that there is a connection between lack of sleep and getting low grades in academic studies. Many of the undergraduate students suffer from sleep deprivation which leads to lack of attention and concentration. Therefore, these students are more likely to achieve poor results in their academic studies (p. 10). As mentioned previously, there is no doubt that sleep loss intervenes with consolidation of memory. As a result, students who don 't get enough sleep per night are usually face some problems related to an ability to process and store information. With all this evidence and proofs, college students should sleep well every night in order to avoid the impacts that may to adversely affect their academic …show more content…
According to The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Body (2010), "there is a strong correlation between the immunity of the body and adequate sleep. When adequate amounts of sleep are not received, the overall immunity of the body is significantly damaged. A weakened immune system increases the likelihood of contracting infections, viruses, and diseases. This evidence demonstrates the true importance of sufficient sleep" (p. 7). A report titled: Dangers of Sleep Deprivation, shows that people who sleep five hours or less, or they might have insomnia are more likely to suffer from diabetes in the future. Not surprising that sleep loss leads to those health problems because sleep is an important factor for various body functions. The immune system is also affected by the quantity and quality of sleep, and thus a person should sleep well every night in order to strengthen the immune system and stay away from infectious viruses and

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