Human Affection: One Of The Greatest Human Emotions

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A human, a primate species that walks the face of the Earth, is defined by the complex emotions that they produce, otherwise unachievable by other species. Human emotions are still a mystery to most people, by seeing how quickly we are able to change to one emotion to another. The fact we are even able to be able to have all of these emotions is remarkable. As researchers dig deeper they find out unique or emotions are and many other things that are able to categorize us as humans.
Sympathy is one of the more complex emotions that humans are able to achieve perfectly while other species can’t. “Sympathy is feeling for someone. The fact that we are able to comfort other humans is a huge leap compared to what other species do.” (Dr. Lindsay Kenth, Sympathy One of the Greatest Human Emotions) Sympathy is the feeling of sorrow and pity upon someone or somethings misfortune. Humans often feel sympathy to those who lost someone or when someone feels sad. Animals are not capable of this and are not able to
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Affection is very key part of emotions, the main root some would say. Affection helps us go off on anger, sadness, all the basic emotions that are able to bloom into a complex emotion. Animals are able to show tiny bits of love whether it be a dog licking its humans cheek, or a chimpanzee stroking it’s mate. Are they truly able to know that they are producing these emotions for other species to see. We however, are able to show that affection and all these emotions to our partners or other humans. We as species are able to rise up and show the excitement we and pleasure we get from being ourselves. We can show that from affection while animals can’t. Take for example our closest relative: the ape. We have evolved threw these millions of years threw this evolution that gave us the chance to separate ourselves from other species. We were given emotion the core of what makes us

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