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  • Zero Tolerance Policies In Schools

    tolerance policies in schools. In 2012, the State of Michigan Department of Education (MDOE) published a resolution to address school discipline and issues impacting student outcomes. This resolution reinforced what research has already shown in regards to the negative impacts on students who are suspended or expelled and strongly urges schools in Michigan to “adopt discipline policies without mandated suspensions or expulsions for issues that do not involve weapons” (MDOE, 2012). Since the GFSA was imposed in 1994 Michigan schools have adopted additional legislation that mandates suspension for offences unrelated to firearms which officials admit “goes beyond the intent of the law” and has resulted in Michigan’s current expulsion and suspension rates being “unacceptably high” (MDOE, 2012). In the same resolution Michigan officials state, “researchers have found no evidence that zero tolerance policies make schools safer or improve student behavior” but do not provide policy to prevent the overuse of suspension for infraction unrelated to firearms (MDOE, 2012). This leads to the question, if policy can force the adoption of zero…

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  • Community Policy In Schools

    The community committee’s primary goal is to create an interaction between the students, community, and the teachers to create a stronger school. The first policy that was presented and passed was the community service policy. Community service benefits not only the community but also the students by giving them a sense of responsibility. As a future educator, I feel that this policy is extremely beneficial to our students in making them not only good scholarly students but also good people.…

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  • Breaking School Policy

    Breaking School Policy to Benefit Students’ Future Public schools are considered a second home by many students due to the fact that most of the hours of their days are spent in a class or on campus. With that being said, schools have the responsibility to not only educate students, but to keep them safe from the dangers of the outside world. Schools should be a place where the students go to gain knowledge, develop social skills, and grow as individuals in society. According to the course text,…

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  • Safeguarding Policies In Schools

    Within public organisations such as schools, safeguarding policies will be based on national policies and guidelines; these policies will affect the day to day working of practitioners involved with children and young people. All safeguarding policies should be based around the †̃working together to safeguard childrenâ€TM guidelines laid out by the government in 2006. These national guidelines state that childrenâ€TMs services (irrespective of the type of service) should be child-centred and…

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  • 1.5 School Policy Analysis

    1.5 School Community and Expectations The school community consists of a range of students from a range of year groups working cohesively to form a safe and secure environment. Classes range from pre-primary to year six with a current enrolment of 27 students. Many of these students have siblings at the school or are siblings of former students with Kingsley having a tradition of creating close community and family ties. The parental expectations of the school is that there is a cohesiveness…

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  • Mandatory Dress Code Policies In Schools

    School dress codes.One thing everyone abhors at school; however, it is one of the most enforced polocies of everyday life at schools across the world. Some restrictions are unbelievable, schools expect students to hold their unique personalities from their fashion choices. Parents spend hundreds of dollars changing their child's clothing to fit into the school standards of modesty and sameness. I believe it is agreed by all parties that rethinking the dress code policies is in everyone's best…

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  • High School Policy Research Paper

    As a high school student and one that just went through the nightmare that is freshman year, of course I would absolutely love to have those policies in one of my classes. Although I would love to have these policies, I do know that those policies would ultimately set me up for failure in the future. So I have to agree with Phil on this one. This is taking it too far, when it comes to being a nice teacher. I'm a student that stays up late studying, goes in after class for extra help if needed,…

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  • School Drug Testing Policies Essay

    Students and School Drug-Testing Policies Drugs, drugs, drugs…something about drugs seem to be in the headlines everywhere. Athletes, government agencies, welfare recipients, middle and high school have all had problems with drugs. Numerous of these affiliations have drug testing policies in place. Although, do they use them as a deterrent for drug use or is the policy even enforced? We shall take a look into the policies set forth in some high schools to see how they are handled. “War on…

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  • School Violence Prevention Policy Analysis

    All schools work to prevent school violence and help to make schools safe places. Students, staff, and parents all have an important role in promoting school safety. After reviewing the current violence prevention policy and emergency response plan for my school, I noticed several strengths and weaknesses, critical areas that need to be addressed, and laws that were not being enforced. To start this plan, I am going to review the information that was gleamed from our current policy. STRENGTHS…

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  • School Choice Policy And Political Culture

    I examine the concept of school choice policy and how political culture affects its creation. It has been widely researched and concluded by many scholars that school choice policy and implementation segregates school districts. However, a relatively untouched component of this issue has looked at the affect political culture and other factors have on the creation of school choice policy and type of school choice policy that is introduced. In this research I am going to look at how political…

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