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  • Career Interview Questions

    Retired Professional Interview The agricultural and extension education profession has changed and developed over time. As a future worker in this career, I need to know more about the agricultural and extension education profession and how it developed with time. In order to fully understand that, I interviewed the retired extension worker in Mississippi State. He is known as one of the top soybean specialists in the US. This interview took place on Monday, March 21, 2016 at Starbucks on Highway 12 in Starkville, Mississippi. My interviewee was Dr. Alan Blaine, who co-founded the Southern Ag Consulting with two of his graduate students in 2008. Furthermore, he co-founded the Alliance Ag Risk Management in 2009. Besides the two companies, he manages his own timber, hay, and cattle farm. Dr. Blaine has a doctorate in Agronomy with a minor in Plant Pathology from Mississippi State University. He earned his master’s in Agronomy with a minor in Plant Pathology, and a bachelor’s in Animal Science from Mississippi State University. In the agricultural and extension education career Dr. Blaine spent nearly 27 years from his entire life. He started his profession in 1982, and he retired in 2008. During Dr. Blaine’s career at MSU…

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  • Case Summary: Hamstring Injuries In Football

    Being a biarticular muscle group it may be stretched to extremes. When hamstring tears occur during kicking, either slow or fast movement, it involves concurrent hip flexion and knee extension. At deceleration, these muscles will contract, while being promptly lengthened. Therefore, they are performing eccentric contractions (Garrett et al, 1990.). It is well established that repeated eccentric contractions have the potential to damage muscle fibres (Armstrong et al,…

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  • Biomechanics Of Kicking In Soccer Essay

    joints and segments, and the gravitational force. The hip joint flexes doubles that of knee joint extension movements, and the smaller movement are associated with the planter flexion of ankle joint. There is a very little attention given to the examining the support leg / non kicking foot. A skilled soccer player executes a maximal instep generated flexion/extension joint movement 4, 3.2, 2.2 Nm/kg for hip, knee, ankle joint respectively where as the support leg knee, ankle and hip joint are…

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  • Elbow Joint Research Paper

    Movement: -The positioning of the bones forming the elbow joint produce the hinge synovial joint. This allows the elbow to make extensions and flexion. The extension involves the Triceps brachii and anconeus (the continuation of the tricep brachii). Flexion is involving the; Brachialis, biceps brachii, and brachioradialis. - The bending of a joint part so that the angle decreases and the two parts come closer together, it called Flexion. The straitening of a joint increasing the two parts to…

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  • How To Treat Hesicles?

    lateral lip of the intertubercular groove of the humerus. The pectorals major flexes, medially rotates and adducts the humerus. Second, the deltoid originates from the lateral half part of the clavicle (anterior fibers), the acromion of the scapula (lateral fibers) and the spine of the scapula (posterior fibers). All the fibers merge on the deltoid tuberosity of the humerus.The anterior fibers flex and rotate the humerus medially. The lateral fibers abduct the humerus. The posterior fibers…

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  • Wind Up Research Papers

    positions themselves side on to the target. The main purpose of this phase is so the body can get into a rhythm which will make it easier for the throwing action to be more efficient. At the start of the wind up the athletes feet should be shoulder width apart and should be side on to the target. The athlete then extends their knee and strides outwards. This helps to develop momentum which is used in later stages of the throwing motion. This particular phase doesn’t put a lot of strain on the…

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  • Karate Activity Observation

    The person performing the activity I observed is a 24-year-old male who stands 5 feet 9 and a half inches and weighs 145 pounds. His ethnicity or race is half-Vietnamese and half-Filipino. He wears glasses, has a thin petite build and a trim figure. He played soccer before, continues to go workout a few times a week, and is taking a karate class which lasts 2 hours per week so I know that he is somewhat fit. I could say that his body posture is not “normal” because his back is a little bit…

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  • Tibia Fracture Case Study

    AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 1. To study lower third tibia fracture patterns. 2. To study the management of these fractures by Ender’s nailing and its functional outcome. 3. To study various complications in patients managed by Ender’s nailing 4. To set guidelines for management of these fractures. REVIEW OF LITERATURE HISTORICAL REVIEW Fractures have been recognized and treated as long as recorded history. History of fracture and its knowledge dates back to Egyptian…

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  • Achilles Tendinitis Research Paper

    What is Achilles Tendinitis? The Achilles tendon in the back of your foot is the tendon that assists with a variety of activities. When you run, stand, jump or walk, this tendon is making all of that possible. When this tendon becomes sore or swollen from an injury or overuse, it's called Achilles Tendinitis. There are two kinds of Achilles Tendinitis. One kind of tendinitis impacts the bottom portion of the tendon, and this kind of pain and swelling can occur in people who have had an injury…

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  • Baseball Swing Movement Analysis

    The launching position consists of the following movements: The abduction of the shoulders and the arms, the backward rotation of the spine, the extension of the writs, and the flexion of the hips (Van Such, 2016). For a right handed batter, the left shoulder joint will be adducted toward the body. The right shoulder joint will be flexed with the elbow up in the air and the scapula is abducting. Abduction occurs with the scapula because the scapula is being pulled away from the midline of the…

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