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  • What Is A Memorable Day Essay

    A memorable day in my life is the day i went into surgery, although all surgeries have risks this was a very low risk surgery, I was just getting a fatty deposit removed from my lower leg. Even though it was a low risk surgery I was still very nervous, at this time I was only about 10 years old or so and had never had surgery before. Preparation for the surgery was simple, don't eat for 24 hours, and wash your body with special disinfecting soap that was given to me by the hospital a week or so prior. The night before surgery was stressful, i was extremely nervous and very hungry, I couldn't sleep because of how nervous i was, but i had to be up early for my appointment which was at 6am and the hospital i was going to was an hour away. After getting the little to no sleep it…

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  • The Most Memorable Day Of My Life

    I have had many great days, but the most memorable day in my life was August 6, 2004 when I gave birth to the most precious gift one could ask for. A handsome bouncing baby boy named Jhaquan Kevin Mario Lewis was born. When I woke up at 6:00 am on that morning I knew today was the day. I felt all the heaviness of this world in my lower abdomen and a series of painful contractions that I had never felt during the last nine months. I was home alone so I prepared myself to go to the hospital. At…

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  • The Most Memorable Day In My Life

    The most memorable day in my life was spectacular. It was full of music, dashing performances, scrumptious foods, and all the glamourous apparel one needs to have a ball. I was surrounded by the most-soundest of the mind members of my family. Whom all performed just leadership sharing the family vision, and wisdom. I despised not the discourse of the elders. They are learned of their fathers, and of them I will understand; I will answer questions as they do as need required. My first day in my…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Memorable Day Of A Dog

    One memorable moment is when I got a dog. I had been wanting a dog for years but I was always told no until finally, my dad’s friend’s dog had puppies. At first my parents weren’t too sure but agreed to getting one after I promised to take care of the dog. Plus, the dog was free so they really thought about it. We visited the dog every week until he turned 7 weeks and then we were able to take him home. The dog had two puppies so we were able to choose which one we wanted. Harry was brown with…

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  • The Bloodiest Day In Australia Essay

    Fromelles. From 19th July, 1916 to the 20th July, 1916 The battle of Fromelles took place. This battle is known as the bloodiest day in Australian history. 5, 533 Australian 5th division soldiers were killed in a meir 24 hours. These battles were all fought on the Western Front and by the end the battlefields were a bloody mess with dead and badly wounded soldiers being left in no man's lands for dead. Fromelles is located in France with only a population of 961 people. This village is very…

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  • Personal Narrative: Veterans Day Assembly

    We all know that the bad memories are always the most memorable. When I was younger,I wasn't the most tamed child, I had a tendency of getting into mischief. I Even once received ten minutes on the wall for getting into trouble. Time on the wall also meant how long you got held from recess. It was anywhere from stealing a pencil, to going onto the forbidden Monkey Bars. One day I went a little too far, and got twenty minutes on the wall. The whole second grade knew about the little scene I…

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  • My First Day Of 8th Grade

    I came home to unpack the night before the first day of 8th grade started. I had just spent a week with my dad before summer vacation came to an end. My mom called me downstairs to have a discussion with her and Ron, my step dad. I assumed it had something to do with Ron’s kids, Vanessa and Trey, moving in with us. But to my great surprise, they told me that they were getting a divorce and Ron would be moving out that night. Those next couple weeks were kind of a blur. My mom was calling our…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Daycare

    Current daycare costs far exceed the income of parents, leading them to resort to alternative care providers. The introduction of a pilot program may resolve space shortages, but may also hold potential as revealed in McLaren, Zarrabi, Dutton, Auld, & Emery’s 2012 article regarding the association between care type and change in childhood obesity. With slight adjustments, the pilot project could influence greater health outcomes than initially anticipated. In November 2016, Albertan Premier,…

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  • Valentine's Day: The Love Of My Life

    It was 8 PM on a Friday evening. It was foggier than usual, but it was still a very nice night. Today was valentines day and I was taking a cab home from the airport where I work to my house in Brooklyn. A majority of my friends got the day off today but unfortunately not myself. Valentines day is one of my favourite times of the year and it was very disappointing that I could not get the day off. Valentines day is bittersweet for me. I met the love of my life a few years ago on this day. His…

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  • High Quality Childcare

    “Public spending in ECEC also matters. Without sufficient public spending, there is a greater risk that access to ECEC programmes will be restricted to affluent families and that the quality of the programmes will vary” (OECD, 2013, Pg.4). According to Gestwicki, a good quality childcare service comprises of three essential components: Dynamics of quality, the framework of quality and context of quality (Gestwicki, 2012, Pg. 81). The context of quality consists of elements that are set outside…

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