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  • Essay On Pet Adoption Scams

    HOW TO AVOID PET ADOPTION SCAMS ONLINE Cases of fraud concerning pet adoption scams keep on surfacing ending with people losing their hard earned money to extortionists. Like most scams, dog adoption scams has been around for awhile. Don’t be a part of the statistics as fallen prey to puppy adoption scams. Adopting an adorable English bulldog puppy may sound too good to be true. Online ads of dog for adoption may also appear very convincing that makes you consider giving in to these ads. Before you do start contacting online pet sellers, here are ways to avoid being a victim to online scams. 1. Always be on guard when you read online ads promising a free English bulldog puppy. Be warned of unscrupulous dealers and puppy brokers selling puppies to innocent buyers asking for certain fees paid and sent through money order or wire…

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  • Second Chance Pet Adoptions

    Chance Pet Adoptions. Moving forward, the people of the church and I are looking into getting involved at local Petsmarts and Petcos through this foundation as monthly volunteers. As an organization their goal is to save homeless animals and treat them if needed. Second Chance Pet Adoptions is a non-kill management here in Wake County and they offer volunteering…

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  • Ethical Pet Adoption

    The internet has created tremendous opportunities for pet shelters and adoption agencies. While most of them are legitimate and responsible organizations, it is highly recommended to research the organization thoroughly before you consider adopting a new pet from one of them. As the internet provides a certain amount of anonymity, it is relatively easy for unsavory breeders or suppliers to create the appearance of legitimacy. A number of stories have been printed recently in the press regarding…

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  • Pet Adoption Essay

    A pet can be a very big commitment but the animal also provides love, protection and companionship to the owner. Animals can help people emotionally, if you are feeling depressed the animal can make you feel loved and wanted and they are often more help to you especially when another person may not be around. Oftentimes, pet owners will have the best intentions to love and care for their pet for their lifetime, But they find the commitment to be overwhelming and end up giving them to a shelter…

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  • Persuasive Speech: Pet Adoption

    Pet Adoption I. Introduction A. Adopting a pet gives an animal a second chance at a happy life B. Specific purpose: I hope to inform my audience about the importance of doing research about which pet would best fit your household and where to adopt pets. C. Thesis: The key to adopting responsibly is knowing the facts and doing your research, Transition: It is important to know what questions to ask not only others but also yourself when looking to adopt a pet. II. Do your research before…

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  • Pet Adoption Persuasive Essay

    if someone adopted them? Do you ever wonder if the animals are happy and loved now? Do you ever wonder how adopting a pet can benefit you? About 7.6 million animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Around 2.7 million of those animals are actually adopted. Approximately, 649,000 animals that…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Pet Drive

    Pet Drive You’ve heard commercials about animal shelters are non-profit organizations and usually are ran on small budget from the city along with donations from the public. Animal shelters need help with supplies to take care of animals, provide a warm and comfortable environment before the pets are adopted. In order to help out the animal shelter I’ve planned to do a pet drive to gather resources for this upcoming holiday season. The amazing goal for this operation is to provide the animals…

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  • Over Crowding In Animal Shelters

    A great variation of studies have been conducted to show the rise if unadopted animals, and over- crowding in animal shelters. One author writes about how despite the workers best intentions most animals do not get adopted Turner, Berry, and MacDonald (2012). However, Fournier (2004) suggest animals show human like behaviors and with training humans will be more likely to adopt sheltered animals. Therefor, preventing a further surplus in unadopted animals. Belpedio (2010) shows studies how…

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  • Animal Adoption Research

    Animal shelters are sheltering facilities designated for animals that have been lost, abandoned, or found on the streets. PETA has conducted research that “approximately six to eight million animals are handled by animal shelters each year in the U.S” (1). The animals housed at these facilities are often petrified because of the foreign environment of strange animals, poor living quarters, and small quantities of food. The lack of people adopting from shelters has created an issue of…

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  • Red Horizon Case Study

    Red Horizon Red Horizon is a medium-sized pet food manufacturer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Founded by Michael Ladenson, who wanted to give pets owners an all natural pet food product in 1986. Red Horizon manufacturers dry food, wet food, and prescription food made from organic, all natural products, which contain no artificial fillers. The company owns two factories, which produce 10,000 lbs dry food, 1,000 canned wet foods, and 500 canned prescription food daily, and is ranked #1 in…

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