Essay On Pet Adoption Scams

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Cases of fraud concerning pet adoption scams keep on surfacing ending with people losing their hard earned money to extortionists. Like most scams, dog adoption scams has been around for awhile. Don’t be a part of the statistics as fallen prey to puppy adoption scams.

Adopting an adorable English bulldog puppy may sound too good to be true. Online ads of dog for adoption may also appear very convincing that makes you consider giving in to these ads. Before you do start contacting online pet sellers, here are ways to avoid being a victim to online scams.

1. Always be on guard when you read online ads promising a free English bulldog puppy. Be warned of unscrupulous dealers and puppy brokers selling puppies to innocent buyers asking for certain fees paid and sent through money order or wire
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If you’re dealing with a breeder, always visit in person to see how animals are treated and to determine it’s not a puppy mill. Puppy mill puppies are often malnourished and separated from their mothers too early. These puppies may have inherited health disorders which could cost you more than what you bargained for.
5. Upon knowing that the breeder is genuine not a scammer, opt to buy or adopt dogs located near where you are. Don’t purchase pets from a distant seller. You may not be aware that the puppy was born overseas in a puppy mill then sold to a U.S. broker. Thousands of dogs are shipped into the United States from puppy mills such as from Russia and China.
6. Don’t easily fall for claims when the seller offers dogs for adoption or any “good Samaritan” offering. Reputable shelters don’t place animals for adoption by sending out mass emails and shipping them out to people.
7. The best and safest place to adopt a pet is the local pound. Local breeders save you from any risks of putting yourself susceptible for scams. A puppy shipped is cruelty in itself. You are supporting puppy mills as well when you make purchases of pets

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