Pet Adoption Essay

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A pet can be a very big commitment but the animal also provides love, protection and companionship to the owner. Animals can help people emotionally, if you are feeling depressed the animal can make you feel loved and wanted and they are often more help to you especially when another person may not be around. Oftentimes, pet owners will have the best intentions to love and care for their pet for their lifetime, But they find the commitment to be overwhelming and end up giving them to a shelter or leave them to be found by someone else. So our society puts a lot of pets in shelters with not enough people to adopt them “...Dogs particularly can ease loneliness, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, promote social interaction, encourage exercise …show more content…
“Of all the pets adopted each year only 30% come from shelters and rescue centers, the remaining come from breeders and pet stores”(Pets By The Numbers). Our society has chosen to own “designer pets” rather than a pet that needs a home. Celebrities have popularized owning specialty-bred dogs that are teacup sized and treated like royalty. They even have their own wardrobe. With the attention given in the media fans become obsessed with copying the breeds the celebrity has for a pet rather than a kennel dog. In addition, in the past 45 years the overall pet population has more than doubled. Rescuing the pets in shelters and decreasing the overall number of pets being bred is the focus of animal advocates …show more content…
A pet provides love but also is a very big commitment. Animals offer so much in a person’s life that owners can cherish forever. “For those parents sitting on the edge, here are several positive reasons you might not have thought of to bring a pet home for your kids: have less risk of developing common allergies and asthma, Playing with dogs may help lower blood pressure. , fewer doctor 's visits. Feeding and caring for a pet encourages childhood responsibility….”(10 Reasons Pets Are Good For Kids). Owning a pet can be a challenge but can also be rewarding. Over the past 30-40 years many positive changes have occurred through animal advocate groups to help in the care and adoption of unwanted pets. And owners have received better education on the subject. However, putting pets in shelters doesn’t help the

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