The Most Memorable Day Of My Life

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I have had many great days, but the most memorable day in my life was August 6, 2004 when I gave birth to the most precious gift one could ask for. A handsome bouncing baby boy named Jhaquan Kevin Mario Lewis was born. When I woke up at 6:00 am on that morning I knew today was the day. I felt all the heaviness of this world in my lower abdomen and a series of painful contractions that I had never felt during the last nine months. I was home alone so I prepared myself to go to the hospital. At approximately 8:00 am I was at the hospital. I went to the maternity ward where I was examined. The Nurse confirmed that the process had began. I was told by the nurses to walk around a bit to assist the process of delivery. I did as I was asked for a …show more content…
This feeling was very strange to me. I was in pain but sleepy at the same time. With not much option I fell asleep. I believe I slept over 3 hours. When I woke, I saw the father of my child sitting at my bedside. I was very happy to see him. He rubbed my lower back and my feet as I complained of the built up tension that ached in those areas. After a while I felt a little better. Once again the nurses advised me to get up from the bed and walk around a bit so that the baby could “come down”. I tried my best to get to my feet and with the assistance of support (from my baby’s daddy) I managed to get to my feet but by this time my entire body was transformed. I could hardly manage. I took a few steps and with those few steps I took long deep breaths. Something was really wrong! I felt a gush of water running down my legs and a sharp pain in my back and lower abdomen, and with that sudden attack I screamed from the bottom of my lungs. The Nurses rushed to my attention and I was lifted by those strong arms to the delivery room and placed on the bed. My baby was not wasting any more time. He was ready to see the real world. He was ready to leave that cozy enclosed space that he was accustomed to seeing over the past nine months. One of the Nurses exclaimed that the baby’s head was visible. I was the instructed to push as hard and as deep as I possibly could on the next

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