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  • Mindful Meditation

    Name and Address of Visited Agency The community group that I attended on Saturday, November 5, 2016 was called Mindful Meditation Discussion and Practice with Dr. Pamela H. Barge. The group met at the Bartow County Library on 429 West Main Street in Nathan Dean Community Room B in Cartersville, GA 30120. Mission of the Agency The mission of the community group was not on the website; however, I believe that the mission of this group is to help people become aware and mindful of self (thoughts) and their body through meditation. I believe that Mindful Meditation does uphold to the mission statement due to everyone 's personal testimony they have experienced since starting Mindful Meditation with Dr. Barge. Key Client Group Dr. Barge’s Mindful Meditation community group focuses on individuals with anxiety and depression. Within the session I noticed that there were many people who had stress within their lives which triggered the anxiety and depression. Dr. Barge assisted each of the individuals’ needs with meditation, reasurring them…

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  • Meditation Analysis

    So the truth of the matter is: Meditation can be hard to do. And that’s totally okay. I know it can seem really intimidating when somebody else seems to be great at meditation, and you sit there and your mind just bounces all over the place. It feels like what you’re supposed to be doing is think about nothing, but every moment you have a new thought, and every time you have a thought it ends up ultimately with the general sensation of “shit! I’m just not good at this thing.” And then…

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  • Meaning Of Meditation

    The Real Meaning of Meditation Meditation is not only bald guys wearing orange-ish red robes sitting in silence in pray like manner with crossed legs closed eyes and their hands on their laps or knees with their fingers in weird shades. Each person does it in some way or some form, but don’t realize what they are actually doing, to them it might just be relaxing or even a means of exercise. The environment around the meditator is not limited to a Zen garden with Buddha statues and Koi fish, but…

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  • Transcendental Meditation

    Transcendental Meditation is a mode of meditation that is used to promote penetrating relaxation, reduces stress, improve health, upgrade the mood, and augment intelligence. It is also meant to increase the practitioner's happiness and to make his or her life more fulfilling. What are some of the benefits? It is said to make you more creative, improve memory, and make your thinking clearer. For the body it increases energy, alleviates stress, and is good for quitting smoking. Practitioners…

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  • Buddhist Meditation

    it seeks to find enlightenment through meditation. Meditation is a core expression of spirituality in the Buddhism faith. Meditation is a means of transforming the mind and is practiced with techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotion positivity and a calm seeing of the true nature of things (Project Meditation, 2007). Buddhist meditation is an ancient spiritual expression which has been around since around 500B.C, where Siddhartha Gautama was said to have achieved…

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  • Yoga And Meditation

    When we started this project, we were asked to think about something that has been on our minds recently. One of the things I wrote down was “It’s a struggle to stay zen.” Out of everything I wrote, I felt that this was what most totally encompassed everything I was dealing with. I realized that the way I understood zen, yoga and meditation was a lot different than how most people around here understand it. Being raised by a Buddhist mother, these ideologies are, whether consciously or not,…

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  • Meditation Argumentative Essay

    Meditation is one of the most effective alternative therapies. In other words, it can be described as a mind-body medicine that has help several individuals throughout the world get relief from the symptoms of asthma, high blood pressure, insomnia, angina and stress. Besides, even the doctors believe of healing with meditation and its effectiveness recommending it to their patients. Meditation is the safest and easiest means of balancing the mental, emotional and physical state of an individual.…

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  • Mindful Meditations Of Mindfulness

    I could give them an information sheet describing what mindfulness meditation is, what issues it helps address, and links to mindfulness websites. Mindfulness using arts-based methods utilize games and activities when performing mindfulness exercises with children (Coholic, 2011). This method is more engaging for the children and increase their likelihood of participation and encourages them to open up (Coholic, 2011). Creative approaches can help children understand complex ideas and express…

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  • Personal Note On Meditation

    't work. I remember feeling the same way when I first started my meditation practice. Mediation is not easy to come by, but it is available for everyone. Here are a few myths about meditation that I can hopefully help dispel so that inner peace is accessible to everyone, even those who…

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  • School Meditation

    The results for the meditation effect were positive. According to The Journal of Educational Research Volume 107, 2014-Issue 3, students had higher reading scores when they showed more effort and perseverance in learning and when they felt a sense of belonging at school. As a result of real world applications, there are many of advantages for Booker T. Washington Academy students. Solution B Another way to decrease the percentage of in-school and out of school suspension to 0% at Booker T.…

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