Meaning Of Meditation

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The Real Meaning of Meditation Meditation is not only bald guys wearing orange-ish red robes sitting in silence in pray like manner with crossed legs closed eyes and their hands on their laps or knees with their fingers in weird shades. Each person does it in some way or some form, but don’t realize what they are actually doing, to them it might just be relaxing or even a means of exercise. The environment around the meditator is not limited to a Zen garden with Buddha statues and Koi fish, but it may be as simple as your own living room, bedroom, backyard, top of the mountains, temples, riverbanks. Consequently, the dictionary definition does not do meditation justice, continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation; the act or process …show more content…
There are twenty-three different types of meditation that are practiced (“23 Types of Meditation). Out of all the types of meditations there is either some kind of sound, smell, touch, or visual aspects that are involve in meditation. Senses are used in meditation such as the sound of humming or chanting, soft music, wind blowing throw trees, the sight of hypnotizing flames, the smell of ocean, fresh blossomed flowers. Meditation has changed in many ways, as our world has changed in many ways. Modern times change the way people natural find meditation. Even those who say they don’t meditate, cracking a beer and sitting in front of the fireplace every night that’s a way of meditation relaxing the body and pondering of the days. Ten minutes a day is all it takes, to demonstrate, painting is calming and relaxing an individual may lose themselves in the paint putting their inner self on canvas. Yoga is another popular way people today exercise, surprisingly an abundant of them are yet to realize they are practicing a type of meditation. Dancing alike to yoga, listening to music, and making it are means of modern meditation. The assortment of people have change the meaning of what meditation has the potential to become in each individuals

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