Drug Abuse in Nigeria Essay

  • The Importance Of Prisons In Indian Justice

    India is one of the countries with the highest preventive detention, 249,796 people in overpopulated prisons. During police custody, they suffer beatings, sleep deprivation and electro-shock (all of this in violations of their constitutional rights). Subject to degrading and inhuman treatment, it is an example of large-scale human rights abuses. Every day, four people die in both police and judicial custody for these abuses. Many of these deaths could be avoided if the cases were resolved faster. However, every year more cases are brought to court that are even thrown away, creating a bottleneck in Indian justice. There are currently 26,752,193 cases pending resolution and could take thousands of years to resolve them all. Thanks to this, the detainees who can not pay the bail are kept in pre-trial detention for a longer period than the sentence of the crime that is accused.…

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  • Police Policing Theory

    has been the one idea or act that has led to the death or injury of one of many minorities’. Protesting and exercising a basic right such as, freedom to assemble, have been the escalation of police brutality. Other countries that have similar laws, are very strict and possess less freedom for citizens to speak their minds and act in such a free manner. The right to enforce laws are given to those that have taken an oath to uphold the rules and regulations with standards and an ethical code of…

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  • Article On The Causes Of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

    These authors argued that men that use alcohol and hard drugs tens to behave abnormally and in most cases forced their partner into unsafe sex, rape. Beating and even exploiting them for their own satisfaction. According to Barnett and Perrin, 2005, Geiles and Corneil, 1990, alcohol usage increases aggression which in most cases leads to rage in families. In affirmation of the above statement, Kaufman (2001) concludes that alcohol effects on the nervous system releases inhibitions by depressing…

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  • Slavery Vs Human Trafficking

    -- and is legal in in four nations -- is absolutely horrific. In a rapidly advancing world, one would believe that the crimes that humankind has committed would be moving towards resolution once and for all. However, it seems we cannot move past our innate violent tendencies. Human trafficking is a terrible travesty that we can examine in three ways: the many facets in which it exploits people, how traffickers collect their victims, and how the industry can be stopped. Slavery is very far from…

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  • Child Trafficking Essay

    “Child trafficking is the recruitment, transporting, and transfer of children.”( Busuttil). Many children around the work are taken out of their homes and sold into labour and sex rings for profit. These traffickers use money and deceit to take these kids and exploit them for their own purposes. Young children some still under the age of ten are forcefully taken from their protective environment because they are vulnerable and weak. These traffickers prey on the vulnerability of young children…

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  • The Dangers Of Human Trafficking

    There are more acts of human trafficking today than in all history and is the 3rd largest international crime industry behind drugs and weapon trafficking. About 80% of trafficking is sex trafficking and 19% is labor trafficking. Human Trafficking has affected many people and societies around the world and children and teenagers should be made more aware of the dangers of trafficking through teaching people what it is and how to prevent it. Human trafficking is defined as “the recruitment,…

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  • Human Rights In Rwanda Genocide

    minority in just 100 days. This Rwandan genocide violated many people’s right to life. In 2002, the Vietnamese authorities incarcerated approximately 75,000 supposed 'groups of high risk behaviour for contracting HIV ', in other words drug addicts, into 71 overpopulated ‘rehab’ camps, however denied to provide treatment. They were subjected to arbitrary exile, therefore not only was their right to life being breached but they were also unfairly interned. And according to Article 9 of the UDHR…

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  • Prostitution And Human Trafficking In The Jungle By Upton Sinclair

    Unknowingly Grace accepted the help of a trolley man who volunteered to take her and other girls her age to receive their passports for the flight over. Grace was told tat she was going to be a babysitter hen she arrived in Germany but the man had given all the girls fake ID 's. Arriving in Germany Grace was told that she owed approximately 65,000 dollars and in order for her to pay them off she has to work as a prostitute in a nearby brothel. She worked for months in the brothel getting raped…

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  • Female Stereotypes In Adam And Eve By Ani Difranco

    They belief women should be obtained like a possession. How can they satisfy both wives at once? There will always be someone getting hurt among the women. The man cannot be there for them at once. If the wives live together, there will be jealousy, envy, and hatred. Etc. These women would act on their emotion and do something drastic. Why do women keep getting hurt emotionally? One of the answer to this question is religion and culture. For example, the religious belief of Islam is that a man…

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  • Sex Trafficking Research Paper

    At only age 11, a girl to remain unknown, K., was a sex trafficking victim. Unbeknownst to her, the man she loved had a dreadful future planned for her. Her pimp, a man 35 years older than her promised her a future filled with all of her childhood dreams. He told her that her dreams came with a price of temporarily working in prostitution. He trained her to become a prostitute, taking her to the brothels and teaching her various sexual acts. At age 17, he convinced her to run away with him so…

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