Kidnapping Case Study

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Question 1 The offense of kidnapping is defined as the “unlawful taking of a victim and the nefarious motive such as obtaining a ransom” ( In order to fight one of these cases in a court of law you must be able to prove intent, which happens to be the decisive element of the crime. For one to commit a kidnapping there must a physical taking of a person from his or her home or other public place where someone can lawfully be such as a bus stop. An example of a kidnapping case is the case of Jaycee Dugard. Jaycee was 11 years old at the time of her taking. She was walking out to her bus stop for school when a car came up, a man jumped out, hit her with a Taser and dragged her into the car and sped off. Jaycee’s step father was watching this …show more content…
Drug abuse can come in many forms such as, prescription drug abuse, illegal substance abuse, alcoholism, and inhaling things that you probably shouldn’t be such as sharpies and spray paints. In the United States along there are roughly 23 million people a year that are using and abusing drugs. In the U.S alone it costs about $197 billion dollars a year to use drugs and to fight the growing drug problems. Some of the biggest drugs being used are heroine or other opiates, marijuana, and others that are all around the same number of users. To fight or control the flow of drugs coming into the United States has the DEA stopping shipments coming from Mexico and other countries, however hard they try they will never be able to keep up with ever growing number of drugs flowing into the United States. Some of the hardest drugs to control are prescription drugs because doctors are writing prescriptions and handing them out like they are nothing. It’s hard to control these because the police can never find where the prescription are coming from and there are so many pills that are out there you cannot track them

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