The Argument Of The Legalization Of Marijuana

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The herb of relaxation and relief with the hyperbole effect of being uplifted to the clouds, allowing one to see the world through a new perspective. The topic of legalizing marijuana for recreational use has been a controversial subject for years with those who are pro-marijuana and those opposing the idea. This paper will present my side of which I agree on in a standard form argument, explain my thesis with credible information, and defend my topic against opposing arguments that the legalization of marijuana should be considered.
My argument for this thesis is as follows:
Premise 1: Marijuana has positive medical benefits
Premise 2: Different Jobs are essential in the marijuana industry.
Premise 3: States that legalize marijuana have proven it would boost the economy
Conclusion: Therefore, the legalization of marijuana for recreational use should be considered.
This argument is strongly inductive, since the premises are true, although the conclusion is not
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On the other hand it would promote economic growth of a substance citizens already use illegally. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, national survey on drug use and health, Table 1.12B – Marijuana Use in Lifetime, Past Year, and Past Month, by Detailed Age Category: Percentages 2014, 44.2% of the United States population has illegally tried marijuana at least once, and 13.2 has used marijuana in the previous year. The use of marijuana is extensively popular in the United States while the 2nd most illicit drug use in 2014 cocaine, is poorly trailing second with 14.8% lifetime use of the united stated population, and 1.6 percent in the previous year, giving the gateway drug concept

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