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  • Islam: Islam And The Misconceptions Of Islam

    With recent uproar of the influx of Muslims into western society, there has many misconceptions of what the Islamic faith is truly about. Moreover, it seems that the mere mention of the words; Islam, Muslim, or Qur’an can bring about emotional thoughts of fear and hatred. However, after taking the time to read the Qur’an and listening to class lectures I will put forth an effort to illustrating that it is not the Qur’an or the religion itself that is the root of this act. On the contrary, it is certain extreme group’s interpretation of these readings. I have found that the Qur’an appears to be a book that teaches peace, love, and forgiveness. However nowadays, the perception of Islam continues to be one of hate and terror so I will attempt…

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  • Islam: The Impact Of Colonization On Islam

    The Impact of Colonization on Islam Islam is a religion that is deeply rooted in its value of tradition. This value became more important during the time of colonization, when Muslims were being forced to homogenize with Western values. Like many religions, Islam has faced the oppression from the colonization of Muslim states. The colonization has affected how Muslims practice their religion today, after Muslim countries gained their independence, and is included in the history of their…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Islam And Islam

    Nevertheless if you think again the violent terrorism acts can also built an unwanted question about Muslims and their belief. “According to the Quran” this is said as if that particular person clearly has knowledge of the Quran and then he is able to comment “they preach hate”. Therefore it just proves that terrorism has built this deadly lie in some people’s mind that it is unfortunately hard to remove. But Quran never provides with such teachings, then why this mess? Again in my opinion it…

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  • The Importance Of Islam In Islam

    Islam is one of the fastest growing religions and extends over many different regions. The Arabic term “Islam” means submission to Allah, which is the Arabic word for God. This is the basis of the Islamic faith, and it drives Muslims to strive to live a life that is in complete submission to Allah. Islam was founded by Muhammad (AD 570-632) in modern day Saudi Arabia. Muslims believe that Muhammad received a message from the angel Gabriel and was commanded to write down the words of Allah. These…

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  • Islam: Is Islam A Religion Of Peace?

    Introduction The message that is prevalent in this current culture is that Islam is a religion of peace. This is the predominant issue that is being researched in this paper. Is Islam a religion of peace or is it a religion of war? With a carful analysis of the history and doctrine of this ideology, an answer to this question can be clearly seen. History Islam is on the rise throughout the world. Noah Feldman writes, “By 1995 it was estimated that there were between 4.6 million and 5 million…

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  • Islam And Islam: The Five Pillars Of Islam

    The Five Pillars of Islam consist of faith, the committing of yourself to the religion, god, and the prophet Muhammad. Prayer takes place five times a day and one must submit fully to god. Alms which is the giving of two and half percent of Muslims income to provide for the poor. Fasting which occurs for one month, Ramadan, throughout the daytime, and lastly pilgrimages where at some time in a Muslim’s life, they must venture to Mecca. The Five Pillars of Islam are duties that each Muslim…

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  • The Etiquette Of Misbehavior In Islam And Islam

    Normally when we are in agreement , it is easy for us to behave properly with each other. However when we are in disagreement, we do not always behave properly. What make it worse is when people try to justify their misbehavior by pretending that they Before talking about the etiquette of disagreement , First are very religious. People who do this pretend that they are very concerned about the deen of Allah. When in reality, they are just ignorant of the teachings of Islam and Islamic behavior…

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  • Islam: The Role Of Jinns In Islam

    The devil, Satan, Iblis, is known by many names. In the Christian faith he is called Satan, while in Islam he is referred to in various places as Iblis, or Shaytaan in other places. Satan/Iblis, is mainly first introduced to us in the story of Adam and Eve in both the Christian faith and Islam. He is the first disobeyer to God and thus represents the rebellion against God and the path of the wrongdoers. In Islam, it was mentioned that Iblis is a member of a type of God’s creatures called “Jinn”.…

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  • Islam: The Role Of Islam In The United States

    Since the time of Christopher Columbus, maybe even earlier, Muslim Americans have been on United States soil. As odd as that may sound to some, Muslims have been here since the beginning. Even to this day Muslim Americans still have a huge role to play in society every single day. Those who practice the Islamic faith are doctors, teachers, even the most ordinary individuals on the streets. Islam is a religion of respect and unity that has been clouded by extremists with poor ideas that do not…

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  • Women In Islam

    Women in Islam are often thought to be oppressed and downgraded, or at least that is what is shown by the media. What to consider is, are these portrayals of women in Islam accurate? Does Islam truly hold men above women, condemning the rights women have? Are women in Islam truly helpless or is that what is being shown to believe? By looking at the holy Quran, scholarly articles, and books, women do have equal rights in Islam. The role of women in a household will aid in determining a woman’s…

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