The Etiquette Of Misbehavior In Islam And Islam

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Normally when we are in agreement , it is easy for us to behave properly with each other. However when we are in disagreement, we do not always behave properly. What make it worse is when people try to justify their misbehavior by pretending that they
Before talking about the etiquette of disagreement , First are very religious. People who do this pretend that they are very concerned about the deen of Allah. When in reality, they are just ignorant of the teachings of Islam and Islamic behavior .clarify the definition of disagreement. “when two individuals or more have conflicting ideas, positions or sayings”
One of the greatest problems confronting modern Muslims is our inability to tolerate each other, let alone others. Our tradition
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He mentioned several verses from the Quran, one of them being that Allah Almighty said in the ward will dissipate” and also that Allah says that if you differ about anything then its ruling is to Allah” . Also in the Quran Allah Almighty says “and they continue to differ about matters except the Quran “do not differ because if you do, you will fail and the strength or the force that propels you forose who Allah has shown mercy to and for that reason they were created” and then he mentioned also a hadith that is related by it but it does not have a connected sanad to the Prophet ( P.B.U.H) which is “the ikhtilaf of my ummah or the differences of my ummah is a mercy” so the question is then how do you have harmony with difference of opinion? How do we keep hearts together when the opinions differ because Allah Almighty commanded the community to hold to the rope of Allah Almighty and not to split into sects and groups and so he wishes to look at that and he said that maybe people would be surprised to know you can actually have deep differences and disagreements and still have harmony but if you understand the reasons for that then the surprise of the marvel

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