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  • Argumentative Essay On Giraffes

    giraffa camelopardalis better known as the giraffe. Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world, but do not be intimidated by their height because they are also one of the sweetest animals. A baby giraffe is six feet tall when it is born and can grow up to fourteen to eighteen feet by the time it is an adult (The Animal Files 1).When you look at captive giraffes there does not look like there are any physical problem with them. However there are many that we do not see. The major issues are teeth and bone problems, how much they sleep, and the health problems such as stress and anxiety. In the wild the…

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  • The Giraffe Analysis

    cannot stop it. The Giraffe by Mauro Senesi is a prime example that people do not always react the change the same ways. In the novel, ‘the boys’ were faced with having to be courageous, accepting and determined in order to save the giraffe. Similarly, these are qualities we use in our everyday lives. Firstly, the boys in the story had to find courage with in; in order to save the giraffe as no one else wanted to do it. They were forced to step outside of their comfort zone as they had to put…

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  • Giraffe Essay

    Amazing facts about the giraffe You probably think you are tall but until you realize that a baby giraffe may probably be taller than you, then you realize how short you are. The giraffe is the tallest terrestrial mammal in the world, a true beauty amongst the animals that roam the savannahs of Africa. The average height of a giraffe is between 4.3 metres to 5.8 metres with the adult female weighing about 800 kilograms and the male weighing 1,250 kilograms. This beautiful animal was first…

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  • Evolution Of Giraffes

    Up until now it has been believed that only one species of giraffe existed. Due to recent studies about the genetic makeup of giraffes across the wild in Africa, four different types giraffe have been discovered. Scientists from Senckenberg and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation are to thank for the discovery that leads to an optimistic view on the endangered species' chance of survival. This article is going to cover the recent evolution of information about giraffes and what the new…

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  • Giraffes: A Fictional Narrative

    sudden appearance of a mysterious figure startled the two. The new giraffe was weirdly large, and seemed quite frightening to the giraffes. His face was hidden and all you could see where his spots, but when he began speaking his voice roared like a lion. All of the sudden the ground shook, everything was shaking furiously; then it all went to the gutter, the weird giraffe began charging at He and Basim. They had not…

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  • Female Giraffes Essay

    Giraffe Herds Female giraffes associate in groups of a dozen or so members, occasionally including a few younger males. Male giraffes tend to live in bachelor herds, with older males often leading solitary lives. A individual giraffe can join or leave the herd at any time and for no particular reason. Because giraffes are so widely scattered, it may seem that they do not keep in contact with each other, however, this is not true. A giraffes keen eyesight means they can keep an eye on their…

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  • The Giraffe And The Lottery Essay

    not lead to change, they don’t want to break their traditional life pattern. Mauro Senesi, author of “The Giraffe” approaches this theme of change differently than Shirley Jackson, author of “The Lottery”. However, while reading these stories it became clear that both infer that these choices stem from the fear of consequences that comes with change. Along with the disruption in authority for the community. Everyone learns to fear the consequences that comes with the decisions. Change has…

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  • Necking Vs Giraffes

    Lynnzee, the giraffe is an interesting animal. I found that their tongue is an amazing 18 inches’ long. Could you imagine having a tongue that long; oh the things we could do with it! I thought your fact about necking was interesting so I decided to look it up. What I found was a video of two males necking and it looked extremely painful. Here is a link to the video if you would like to see it I could only imagine the injuries they would get…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is There A Giraffe For Christmas?

    Rough Draft Introduction: Have you ever wondered what kind of thing you would like for Christmas, but you know your parents will never get you it? Well I have and I wanted a giraffe for Christmas. For Christmas a great present would be a Giraffe. My parents would say that they have no money and I would say that they would get their taxes in about two months. My evidence would be that they get their taxes every year in January. They usually always get about more than a thousand dollars. There is…

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  • Giraffes-Personal Narrative

    My heart thumping, preparing to plunge out as my brain overflows with millennial thoughts, ranging from terror, fright, and astonishment. I couldn't think straight with my head spinning as fast as a carousal in the rapid air.. Hearing clacks of my fellow companions hooves walking towards me as I turn my head back rapidly, blaring for them to stay there as I put my life in danger but only for the one I truly love. You'd be surprised by what a strong bond and connection a couple of giraffes can…

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