The Pros And Cons Of Hard Work

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Starting a new job can be stressful when one is not well instructed. A lot of things in workplace can be understood when we actually start working, however, we should be aware about the minimum basic things that might show up during our early work days. These things though might be simple but lack of experience may make it look unethical or unprofessional. In this scenario, as a senior worker it is also my responsibility to make my work area look professional, at least for the position that I worked.
As I have been serving as a sales representative for XYZ organization, recognizing my efforts and hard-work that I put in for the positon, the organization wanted me to go beyond the sales representative and landed me on the positon of the Assistant
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The sales representative played a vital role in achieving this number. This sales without the sales representative would have been virtually impossible. So, it is the position with great responsibility. So the sales representative position is more sensitive in the sense that we have targeted a large number of sales this year. As an assistant manager, I should be more responsible than ever before. I on the one hand have to function as an assistant manager and the other hand have to equip him/her with such tactic that our sales does not fall down. Some of the key things which have made the record breaking sales has to be disclosed to the new employee so that the pace taken this year …show more content…
If you keep on looking or searching for the answers of the very simple first or second questions, the customers making one or several reason will be turned down. In the contrary, if you are confident on your answers, your looks are professional, and provide alternative answers to focus on your main topic, you are likely to make a sale.
Another main problem will be when the customers ask for the contrast between two of the new cars. Here the customers wanted to make a decision based on your response. If your response does not satisfy the customer, he/she will walk out the store. For this, you have to know a minimum of the mileage the car gives, it’s price, it’s last year price, some of the newly added safety features, some new systems added to the car. After you have mastered this, you can look for the horse power, torque and other additional features and at least have to convince that this car is best fit for your home and

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