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  • Single Parent Families

    A single parent is an uncoupled individual who shoulders most or all of the day-to-day responsibilities for raising a child or children. Single-parent families can be defined as families where a parent lives with dependent children, either alone or in a larger household, without a spouse or partner. A mother is more often the primary caregiver in a single-parent family structure. There are many factors that causes people become a single parent. First and foremost, death of a partner was a major cause of single parenting. For example, a husband who on duty in overseas may meet disaster like flood, earthquake and others that lead to death and cause his wife become a single parent to raise up their child or children…

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  • Single Parent Family

    Single Parent Households vs Two Parent Households: The Difficulties of Raising Children A single parent is defined as raising a child or children household without the presence of the other biological party. Single parenting includes single father families, as well as, single mother families. According to Justin Healy who wrote Single Parent families in 2013, Mother’s can’t teach a young man how to be a man and father’s can’t teach a young lady how to conduct herself as a woman. Putting single…

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  • Hardships Of Single Parent Families

    economic hardship that follows most single parent families adversely affects an African American child’s development. To provide some light on the issue, the percentage of African American children under the age of 18 living in poverty is 52% (National Center for Educational Statistics). Similarly, the average income for the single parents, most notably mothers, was $26,000 (Single Mother Statistics). This often causes the parents to struggle to buy even the basics for their child such as shoes,…

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  • Single Family Vs Single Parent Family

    Marriage and having a family is still one of the goals of many. Growing old with a significant other and raising a family may seem as the normality in our society. However there are some life circumstances that might change that perspective, and a dual parent family might become a single parent household. Death of a spouse, divorce, or even the decision of never marrying, may be the reason of a single parent household. There are similarities and a few differences between single parent families…

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  • Single Parent Family Types

    Downey the author of The School Performance of Children From Single-Mother and Single-Father Families: Economic and Interpersonal Deprivation?, says that children who are in single parent families where the father is head of the house does poorer than a student who has a two-parent household. Downey also states that while this trend is starting to grow, an interest in education, a single father household the father focus more on the adjustment not…

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  • The Importance Of A Single Parent Family

    In 2007, on a clear winter Friday evening in Victorville, CA, a family of twelve eagerly opened their doors to anyone and everyone who wished to worship. Many people came from different parts of the city to worship God that night. As worship began the people voices joined together thanking God for all he had done for them. During this time a young woman and two of her children had joined the service. As she stood shyly by the front entry way of the house I introduced myself and welcomed her and…

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  • Single Parent Families Essay

    Affordable Childcare for Single Parent Households Childcare has turned into an important factor in the lives of working parents and is always showing signs of change and developing society. The typical cost for basic childcare in America has expanded, and society has adjusted; working moms have joined the workforce, and double income families are important to hold a nice way of life. Subsequently, there is an interest for quality childcare. By putting a child into a childcare program, there are…

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  • Single Parent Family Research

    perspectives, so it is natural that these opinions and views would change over time. To prove this, I interviewed my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother. I asked them what their opinions of single parent families and stepfamilies were; I was really surprised at the results that I received. My great grandmother is ninety-five and she has actually been married several times. Most of her remarriages stem from her husbands passing away. My grandmother, her daughter, has had several…

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  • Single Parent Family Analysis

    younger brothers. I noticed a drastic change in the dynamic of my family when my father passed away when I was about 12 years old. My mother then had to raise my brothers and me as a single parent. After my father had passed away I found there had been many problems that began to arise in my family. My brothers started misbehaving in school and there grades began to decline. My relationship between my brothers, mother and I also became a little strained. Taking the Advance Marriage and Family…

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  • The Future Of Single Parent Families

    Having a “nuclear family” is something that many people want, fantasize, and even dream about. For some, it is even their ultimate life goal to achieve and for others it is simply because they feel that a nuclear family is the correct way to raise children and the ideal of how a family should be. Another reason people may want a nuclear family is because they can provide the structure and stability that children need. According to the American Psychological Association (2015), a “nuclear family”…

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