Hardships Of Single Parent Families

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In particular, the chronic economic hardship that follows most single parent families adversely affects an African American child’s development. To provide some light on the issue, the percentage of African American children under the age of 18 living in poverty is 52% (National Center for Educational Statistics). Similarly, the average income for the single parents, most notably mothers, was $26,000 (Single Mother Statistics). This often causes the parents to struggle to buy even the basics for their child such as shoes, clothes, and in some extreme cases food. While some may argue that many single parent families are economically supported by certain programs such as child support, research has shown that many nonresident fathers fail to pay child support. The average amount of child support is about $9,000, or about 32 percent of what would be the family 's income but is lost due to the failure of most …show more content…
For example, it was found that single mothers who reported higher levels of economic hardship hit and scolded their children more frequently (McLyod). This physical abuse causes the child to become more aggressive in nature and, in some cases, feel guilty about being the possible reason for the family 's hardship. With this in mind, the necessary requirements that a parent should meet for a positive upbringing of their child include rewarding, explaining, and consoling. All of which require patience and concentration, qualities typically in short supply when parents feel hindered and overburdened by the ever present financial duties and tasks that come with being a single parent (McLyod). In sum, the research shows that the financial limitations of single parent families lead to an inimical effect on the development of African American

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