Causes Of Stereotypes

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Stereotypes are a set of fallacious ideas or beliefs that people have about someone or how something is like. Stereotypes often lead people to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are of the same type or category. Although some stereotypes are positive stereotypes, people stereotype so often that it turns out to be something bad and unpleasant to hear about. Not to mention some negative stereotypes that have impacted on different groups of people causing them to be judged or characterized in a way the society and media portrayed them. The media plays a tremendous role in stereotypes and race is often used to create stereotypes about people in the society. One of the races that have always been stereotype …show more content…
The higher unemployment rates for black males will eventually cause them to not only give up on themselves, but also on their responsibilities to their wife and children. Black males often find themselves feeling useless and shameful when it comes to their family. They felt like they are unable to support the family without an income and at the end neglect the responsibility as the one who support the family financially and emotionally. This abandonment will certainly result in more female single parents and an increase in the risk factors that will affect their children down the line. Not only that, most black males who experienced unemployment and substantial financial loss became more irritable, tense, and explosive. As a result, in the process of growing up, children often suffered emotional and behavioral difficulties as these fathers became more punitive and arbitrary in their parenting. Such paternal behavior, in turn, causing temper tantrums, irritability, and negativism in children. Children might even inhibit parents’ emotional warmth and increases parents’ erratic or disengaged behaviors. Besides that, unemployment of black males also affects their partners or wives. Two out of three black women are abused by their husband due to unemployment. Much of this violence was rooted in the anger and frustrations black men experience because of unemployment and stereotype they face. As a result, unemployment of black men causes bad and broken family relationships. Unemployment may even impact decisions about marriage and divorce. Unemployed or poor men are less likely to marry and more likely to divorce than men who are employed or who are more economically secure (McLoyd,

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