Single Family Vs Single Parent Families

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As a little girl I remember being raised in a household with my father, mother and two younger brothers. I noticed a drastic change in the dynamic of my family when my father passed away when I was about 12 years old. My mother then had to raise my brothers and me as a single parent. After my father had passed away I found there had been many problems that began to arise in my family. My brothers started misbehaving in school and there grades began to decline. My relationship between my brothers, mother and I also became a little strained. Taking the Advance Marriage and Family course helped me to think about common stressor single parents families have to deal with. As a future counselor it is very important to become educated on what issues …show more content…
Kid’s count Data Center defined Single Parent Family as "Children under age 18 that live with their own single parent either in a family or sub-family.” In this definition, single-parent families do not include children living with married stepparents. This definition also does not include children living in institutions, dormitories and group homes (Vespa & Lewis , 2013).
When thinking about counseling single parent families I wanted to know what the demographics of these families are. I wanted to know whether or not the statics compared to two parent families versus single parent families were. wrote, “In 2011 56 million married household couples with children.32 million one-person households with children. Out of the 32 million single parents home African Americans had the highest rate at 55 percent, Latinos and Hispanics consisted of 31%, white Americans consist of 21 percent and Asians with the lowest rate at 13 percent (Annie Casey Foundation,
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As a future counselor I wanted to know what different techniques had been proven to work when counseling these families. One thing I noticed that worked for my family and I was the importance of my family to follow a daily routine. This routine helped to keep the house in order for my mother. Homework, Laundry and meals were always done at the same time every day. This helped my mother tremendously. The Single Mothers Survival Guide to Parenthood gives advice to clients on raising children in a single parent home. Their advice consists

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