Effects Of Single Motherhood In The Bean Trees

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Single Motherhood in The Bean Trees
In the United States, the effects of single-parent family life on children fall into two categories: 1) those attributed to the lower socioeconomic status of single parents and 2) the short-term consequences of divorce that moderate over time (Jrank 1). A single-parent family can be defined as a family where a parent lives with a dependent child/children, within either a house just for them, or a larger household, without a partner and/or spouse. Raising a child can be quite difficult, but being a single mother and raising one independently is even more difficult as one can see it happening in The Bean Trees. In The Bean Trees there are several examples of mothering, but none of them are "normal.” Taylor,
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Negative outcomes of a one parent family can include poor-academic achievements, conduct problems, emotional issues, low self-esteem and problems with forming and maintaining relationships that may arise in the child 's life. No matter how hard children are tried to be built up, they might struggle with some self-esteem issues growing up in a single parent home. Many of these issues arise from parents that are struggling to just make ends meet with narrow financial resources and trying to raise their children without the assistance of the other biological parent. Single parents find it very difficult to function as adequately as two parent families when one is not present in their child 's life. Compared with consistently married parents, single parents are less emotionally supportive of their children, have fewer rules, are more inconsistent in dispensing rules and discipline, provides less supervision and employ in more conflict with their …show more content…
Some daily struggles include the expense of daycare, the small amount of quality time with their children, the ability to balance work and home responsibilities, and the economic struggle of only having one income. Many single-parent households are female-headed, the burden of financial issues are much greater than it would be in a single father family. This is because single women usually do not earn as much as a single man would. Single mothers must work more overtime shifts then a normal two parent family because they are receiving lower salaries which is then taking time away from their children and other necessary responsibilities. Unfortunately, this usually results in a child being home alone without any adult supervision or spending their days in a daycare for at least 8 to 10 hours a day. Due to a child having to go to a daycare service requires single mothers to pay a very large fee along with all their other life

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