Supertoys Last all Summer Long Essay

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  • Supertoys Last All Summer Long Analysis

    Brian Aldiss’ “Supertoys Last All Summer Long” is a short story that deals with two narratives. The first one involves Monica Swinton and her young son David, and the second one is Monica’s husband Henry Swinton who is the Managing Director of Synthank. Throughout the short story both Monica and David can’t seem to communicate clearly to each other. David feels that the love he has for his mother is unrequited. Interesting enough in this dystopian future Monica’s three year old son David isn’t her biological son, but instead a robot. Due to the fact of overpopulation woman are only allowed to bear a child if they win the parenthood lottery. However, Monica’s inability to accept David as her own son, and David’s unrequited love for his mother Monica ultimately leads to their own loneliness. Throughout the short story both Monica and David can’t seem to get through to each other. Neither one of them can express their feelings clearly, especially not Monica. She already doesn’t love her ‘son’ the way a mother should, but “She had tried to love…

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  • The Importance Of Domesticity In The Great Gatsby

    Role of Women in The Great Gatsby The deep-seated conservative quietism that circumscribed Fitzgerald's temperament, for all his vaunted brawls and flamboyant public misdemeanors, takes also one other and subtler form of nostalgia and retreat than those proclaimed in his nostrums: one evident in his presentation of women. We have seen that Fitzgerald's metaphysics of defeat stipulates high political gloom; and, despite some sharp ambivalence toward the elite, we shall see that his…

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  • Stephen King Why We Crave Horror Movies Summary

    “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” Stephen King informs his readers with his opinion that humans have a craving for being frightened. King gives examples of how all humans are insane in their own way. It could be from fearing hysterically, to talking to themselves when stressed. Horror films are what exercise that side to humans, which gives entertainment and a thrill of excitement being scared. King also gets into the topic of emotions of kindness gets applauded, while anticivilization emotions…

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  • In Defense Of SF As A High School Elective Analysis

    their formative years being considerate of how technology can affect our society and themselves. A common understanding based on terminology will be crucial for the claims that I wish to promote. We should all be in the same page when we speak of SF that way we are not lost due to misgivings of terms. SF is a literary genre that incorporates aspects of Fiction and Science in order to create captivating story that focuses on a Novum. A Novum is a term utilized by Darko Suvin which is used to…

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