Supertoys Last all Summer Long Essay

  • Summary: In Defense Of SF As A High School Elective

    their formative years being considerate of how technology can affect our society and themselves. A common understanding based on terminology will be crucial for the claims that I wish to promote. We should all be in the same page when we speak of SF that way we are not lost due to misgivings of terms. SF is a literary genre that incorporates aspects of Fiction and Science in order to create captivating story that focuses on a Novum. A Novum is a term utilized by Darko Suvin which is used to describe “Scientifically plausible innovations in Science Fiction Stories”. The misconception of SF as strictly a fantasy genre is a narrow classification that does not take the pinnacles of: SF works, best authors, and how much of our current media has been influenced by them. The consumption of SF as a genre is all encompassing in our time, and is awarded the special privilege of teaching these stories, which enable critical thinking skills in our students. The stories that I propose for the course have been some of the pinnacle of what SF was during particular time periods and emphasize awareness of: Individuality, Community, Perception, Ecology. Super Toys Last All Summer: One story that would be beneficial to read in a course such as this would be “Supertoys Last All Summer Long” by Brian Aldiss. In the story depicts a Mother and a Child in a family attempting to bond. The mother is not particularly receptive towards the child for reasons that are revealed later on. She employs the…

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