Shut Down Your Screen Week Essay

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  • Shut Down Your-Screen Week

    The “shut down your screen week” proposal is a wise decision. Multiple schools rely on many technology based programs to notify students about their assignments that are due. While people heavily depend on technology to do their homework, we also need to learn how to organize ourselves without technology. Although having one week of school without technology might waste a lot of paper, it won’t last very long and we learn very important skills that we will need later in our lives. There are many reasons why schools should have “shut down your screen week. Our school should participate in “shut down your screen week” because technology makes us dependant on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Despite it being very convenient that we can search up what we do not know in a matter of milliseconds, students need to learn how to find out information without technology. Researchers say that technology is addictive and people need to learn how to stop. For example, texting and driving. Driving becomes very dangerous when drivers are distracted by their little screens. When…

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  • Shut Down Your Screen Week

    Technology is an amazing addition to our daily lives. Most people carry their phones around all day with them to check Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook and be connected. “Shut Down Your Screen Week” is a good idea which can lead to less distractions but it can also be very inconvenient to others. Life has evolved into a screen consumed world, but it is not always a bad thing. Some schools use technology such as iPads or computers to help kids understanding of content or to read and write.…

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  • Shut Down Your Screen Week Essay

    Should your school participate in the national “Shut Down Your Screen Week”? I say yes as this can help students become better thinkers in the classroom and any atmosphere as we are technically not thinking our phones and computers are thinking for us. How you ask because we primarily we our cell phones or computers to look up information and get answers and get answers that primarily know or have learned. Shutting down our screen will help students become more engaged and force us to actually…

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  • The Importance Of Shut Down Your Screen Week

    There has been much discussion on whether our school should take part in “Shut Down Your Screen Week.” While contemplating if this is a good idea or not it is important to take into consideration all the pros and cons of the situation. No great decision is made without going through all of the deciding factors that go into deciding if we should or should not take part in this. First, we are going to go over the good things that technology has provided for us. “Because of cellphones and social…

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  • Review: Shut Down Your Screen Week

    “Shut Down Your Screen Week” may be well intentioned, but it isn’t very practical. It can’t be properly enforced and screens are a good tool for school. “Shut Down Your Screen Week” can’t be properly enforced. The people who are addicted enough to their screens to need help won’t follow the rules. They will use their phones when at home, where teachers can’t stop them. This could breed misconceptions that rules can be easily ignored in life, hurting us students. Secondly, screens are a great…

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  • Shut Down Your Screen Week Analysis

    national movement called “Shut Down Your Screen Week”. The movement encourages students to refrain from the use of any electronic media for an entire week. The parents believe that this would be beneficiary for the students, and I agree. Not using any electronic media for a week would benefit students’ academic performances and their everyday lives. The use of electronics is affects our ability to focus. Having to juggle emails, text messages, and social media causes us to multitask, which is…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Shut Down Your Screen Week

    orders and cannot decide with itself. It is amazed with the strong lights coming from electronic devices’ screens. A brain, which is addicted to technologic devices, and cannot do anything else but sitting in front of it pointlessly. This is what technology does to your brain. Yes, it can be helpful sometimes, in the areas of life, but, it may be fatal for body like cancer when it is used continually. Robert College is a school that uses so much technology, in its academic life. Robert College…

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  • Shut Down Your Screen Week: Article Analysis

    In recent news, it is said that schools across the country are to partake in a national "Shut Down Your Screen Week". This can have many benefits to children all across the country, educationally. I am in agreement with this idea and I believe that it could help increase their knowledge without the use of phones. Children often use most of their time using some sort of technology. This time could be used wisely to study or to do something productive. In the article, "Kids Still…

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  • Shut Down Your Screen Week Research Paper

    Imagine you are in class, and various students pull out their phones while the teachers are giving a lesson.What do you do? This situation has become a constant and teachers have proposed “Shut Down Your Screen Week” for the better of students and their peers. Some people may believe that this idea is a good and beneficial event, but others may argue that it is bad and hopeless. Both teachers and students will have to decide if “Shut Down Your Screen Week” is a profitable event for everyone.…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Shut Down Your Screen Week

    take part in ‘Shut down Your Screen Week’. I assert this because taking part would only negatively impact our learning. This would happen because technology helps us think better and deeper, and it enables us to keep in touch with our friends. Some say it distracts us, but in reality, technology helps us to learn. Fortunately, access to the internet helps us think better and deeper. The internet allows your or others’ ideas to be shared. With the internet, you can access information from…

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