Banana Wax Project Essay

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  • Science Fair: How Homemade Makeup Products

    This year’s science fair I will be creating a couple of makeup products. I will be making makeup wipes and lipstick made of crayons. Also I will be comparing how homemade makeup products work to store bought products. In doing so, there will be some research to be done about the history of makeup and how the ingredients for these products will work to do their job. Makeup has been part of human kind for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used copper and lead to make some of the world’s first cosmetic. Over the past yeas, women have used matches that were burned to darken their eyes. Also using different types of berries to stain their lips and using young boys urine to fade their freckles. Some even swallowed ox blood to attempt to improve their complexions. Women throughout the time of history have put their own health at risk with homemade cosmetics. For example, using arsenic, lead, mercury, and even leeches to give themselves a pale appearance that was so longed for. By the first century AD, the Romans started to widely use cosmetic like products. For darkening eyelashes and eyelids they used Kohl. For whitening their complexion they used chalk and rogue was used on the cheeks. To clean their teeth they used depilatories and pumice. In a Greco-Roman society women wore white lad and chalk on their faces. The Persian women of this time use henna dyes to stain their faces and skin. They believed that the dyes from henna summoned the majesty of the earth. During the…

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  • Candle Lab

    period given. Aim My aim for this project is to find out if dye in candles can affect the speed rate they burn in. I will test one white candle with a high dye pigmentation candle such as blue or purple against white. Then I will measure…

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  • Essay On Perler Beads

    You will also need a couple peg boards to put the beads on and make your design. An iron, wax paper and masking tape to help finish your design and mend it together. Also, you will need either a pencil or pen for later to puncture the masking tape. If desired for easier placement of the beads on the pegboard, you may want to use tweezers, but the tweezers are not required. The final tool you will need is a heavy book or two to place on top of your design as it cools so it does not warp. The…

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  • Analysis Of United Fruit Co. By Pablo Neruda

    Silence of the Corporations: A Literary Analysis on Pablo Neruda’s United Fruit Co. Most of us tend to blame the difficulties and failures that are present in third world countries on corrupted politicians, ruthless crime lords, and uncooperative political groups. Basically, we blame these problems on internal factors. However, many of us have failed to realize that large international corporations have also played key roles in leading these nations into the state of chaos and demise that they…

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  • Chiquita Case Study

    Chiquita Brands International Inc. is a multinational producer, distributer and marketer of bananas mainly and other fresh fruit products. The banana division only consists of 19,000 employees mainly working in more than 100 banana farms in countries throughout Latin America like Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador , Costa Rica , Panama and Colombia . It has always cared about their employees who were living in houses (owned by Chiquita) in the banana farms. The company used to provide…

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  • Nutritional Values Of Guava Fruit

    Apart from guava’s nutritional value, flavor of guava is also one of the most distinguishable characteristics of this tropical fruit. Studies on guava volatile compounds have been made using leaf, skin, fruit and fruit puree. The first publication was made on the volatile components of guava in 1970. The compounds from guava fruit were extracted using distillation. Twenty-two compounds were present in the oil: eight alcohols, six esters, three aldehydes four terpenes, one ketone and an alcohol.…

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  • Banana Split Research Paper

    If a friend or a family member has ever made a banana split, then they know how messy it can be. Banana splits were made over 100 years ago. It was created in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The banana splits were originally offered to customers for 10 cents. Banana splits can also be enjoyable to create. There are tons of steps of making a banana split and you will need plenty of toppings too. If you want to create your banana split without any confusion, follow along step by step and work your hardest.…

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  • Muushy Experiment Essay

    In this study I observed two bananas over a 4 day period making observations each day at 3:00 pm. My first observation I used as a baseline to guide my observations. I put one banana in the fridge and the other on my desk. The temperature of each area remained constant over this period of time. I measured the color, the firmness, and the amount of brown spots on each banana. To describe firmness, I used a chart that I created that measures firm to mushy. The scale went from one to five where one…

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  • What Is Race 4?

    A derivative of the plant family Musaceae (Musa), the commercial banana has enjoyed international success as a popular dessert item in the modern developed world. Understandably, the advent of an uncontrolled banana blight would certainly have major repercussions on the world market; moreover, it would spell doom for the millions of subsistence farmers across the globe for whom bananas are still a staple food. This frightening scenario is not wholly unrealistic – in the 1890s, Gros Michel, the…

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  • Monocultures: The Botany Of Desire By Michael Polla

    the same bananas at the store every day made me feel comfortable. I knew exactly what I was getting every time I went to the store. No mass difference between types of fruits and vegetables was found. I was ok with this standard. However, after going through the readings throughout this semester my position has changed on my monoculture habituation. It turns out that monocultures pose a lot of threats and with one single variety we…

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