Legislation and Policies to Protect Children in the UK Essay

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  • Challenging Child Protection

    safeguarding and child protection policy in the UK, and how these books will help the undergraduate students with the study of Early childhood studies, ED5016, to meet there learning outcomes, I would be starting off with the literature that’s called ‘Challenging Child Protection ‘and it’s published by McDougall, Stewart McGhee, Janice Waterhouse etc. , The reason why I have preferred this book for my chosen literature because, the book is including information about safeguarding such as children protection and child welfare, child’s right, child abuse, these four that I have named are what makes safeguarding . While reading the book of ‘Challenging child…

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  • Cyp 3.1 Explain The Early Years Framework

    There are different legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures depending where in the UK you are. The Early Years framework is for England. England: Early years Foundation Stage. Wales: Foundation Phase Northern Ireland: Foundation stage Scotland: Pre-birth to three and curriculum for excellence The children's act 1989 Legislates for England and Wales, was put into place to ensure that the welfare for a child is dominant. The children's act 1989 made those who worked with children and…

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  • The Children Act 2005 Case Study

    -The Children Act (1989): Introduced comprehensive changes to legislation in England and Wales surrounding the welfare of children. As well as ensuring that the welfare of the child is paramount, the act identified the responsibility of parents and of those who work with children to ensure the safety of the child. Below I will set out the main aims of this act: 1. It is important that we create a balance between protecting the children and the rights of parents to challenge state intervention if…

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  • Safeguarding Of Children Essay

    show how the different polices and legislations towards safeguarding children from abuse have evolved today. This essay will explore how the different ideas of policies are set into place and show how different policies go into different directions. From this it will show my knowledge and understandings of different events that have happened and made a development towards society. Showing from a historical perspective it will discuss how different acts have been set into place to stop prevention…

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  • Analyse The Factors That Drive Government Policy Essay

    drive government policy and its’ decision making as well as the implication of this for the service user. It will also discuss how individual rights are promoted within the care setting and finally describe the details of the services by statutory and voluntary agencies. A welfare state is a concept of government in which the state plays a key role in the protection and promotion of the economic and social well-being of the citizens. This was introduced in Britain in 1942 by a liberal politician…

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  • Anti Discrimination Initiatives

    order to prevent discrimination there are legislations, codes of practice, charters and organisational policies. Sometimes these are not always followed through and some people break these national initiatives and are forced to serve consequences. Some of the legislations only occurs in certain countries for example the European Convention on human rights and fundamental freedoms act of 1950 is not eligible in the US or Asia. Legislations are a political act that has been turned into the law and…

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  • Systemic Barriers To Mental Health Care Case Study

    Addressing Barriers to Effective Treatment Addressing barriers to proper treatment at an individual level will require an emphasis on educating the public on mental health issues – for example, on the harms of delaying treatment, on the accessibility to mental health resources, as well as to the emergency and community support facilities. To address systemic barriers that exist at the levels of government and health care system, the following policy interventions have been advanced to deal…

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  • Explain The Difficulties In Disclosure Of Confidential Information

    There will not be breach of confidence where there is explicit consent to the sharing. Where disclosure of information is not authorised by the person who provided it, practitioners may lawfully share it if this can be justified in the public interest. Seeking consent should be the first option, if appropriate. It is possible to identify some circumstances in which sharing confidential information without consent will normally be justified in the public interest. These are: When there is…

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  • Oxfam Swot Analysis

    and First Group is a British transport group, registered and operating in the United Kingdom as one of the most experienced operators in the UK. Every organisation has some specific strategies to run the business perfectly. Strategy is the direction for an organisation which shows the way to reach the goal. No organisation can achieve their goal without specific strategies. So the different strategies are taken to establish the business in this competitive age. Strategic planning is one of them…

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  • Beattie Model Of Health Promotion

    smoking and air pollution (88, 00). Therefore, health promotion is extremely significant as it plays an important role in reducing the risks of disease in individuals throughout the world (u, 0). According to Cancer Research UK (2009), smoking is one of the modifiable risk factors of chronic disease such as lung cancer, causing approximately 80,000 deaths per year in UK. Therefore, I have decided to identify the heath promotion strategies in relation to smoking. The model, I have selected to…

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