Single Parent Families Essay

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Affordable Childcare for Single Parent Households
Childcare has turned into an important factor in the lives of working parents and is always showing signs of change and developing society. The typical cost for basic childcare in America has expanded, and society has adjusted; working moms have joined the workforce, and double income families are important to hold a nice way of life. Subsequently, there is an interest for quality childcare. By putting a child into a childcare program, there are numerous advantages, for example, permitting parents, single or not, to proceed with their professions and/or go to class, and in addition furnish their kids with a formative and instructive environment that will advance them later on in life. With these
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However, what do we do about the expense? Most folks that are on welfare or have been out of the workforce for some time can 't manage the cost of childcare in view of the wages that are being advertised. Those folks are compelled to stay home and live off the Government in light of the fact that they can 't manage the cost of childcare. The same could be said for a young mother attempting to excel, perhaps going to class. There are a few projects out there now that may help low-wage parents with the expenses of childcare. Be that as it may, who figures out what low salary is. To a single parent of 3 going to class and working 40 hours per week making $10 dollars. In the wake of paying every one of the bills, the rent, the auto note also protection and food. Having extra money for childcare seems impossible at times. Workplace Solutions for Childcare apart from a few welfare cases, childcare usually has to be paid for by the parents, so that it is mainly well-off parents who can find arrangements for ensuring that their children are well looked after while they work. Paying a reliable nanny or Babysitter or putting a toddler into quality daycare can be quite expensive and often out of the reach of low-income and even middle-income parents. So they are faced with a no-win situation. They can use parental time to fill in the childcare gap by, for example, working at different times in the case of …show more content…
Various types of arrangements can help workers find affordable childcare at the times they need and of the quality they want. A childcare center of the work company or on-site. A facility in the community which is linked to the workplace through arrangements such as negotiated discounts, reserved places, subsidized places. Some form of financial support childcare vouchers, funds or subsidies and advice and referral services. Each type of solution can, be used for any of the three basic childcare needs, namely care for preschool children, out-of-school care for schoolchildren and back-up care. Advice and referral services, for example, can help parents to find care for babies, for children after school or for a child whose usual career is sick. Similarly, workplace arrangements with community facilities can help workers access daycare for babies, holiday camps for school children or babysitters for back-up care. In some workplaces, these solutions can also be available to help workers access care for elderly dependents, particularly advice and referral and some financial

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