Importance Of Living At Home With Their Parents

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A lot of our teenagers today think their parents owe them everything. They do not want to listen, whether it is at home or school.. At an early age they believe that they already have livesfe figured out. These teenagers have a lot to learn for the life they have in front of them. For teenagers on a path to success, graduatingcoming out of high school and going out into the real world has to be a challenge. They go from living under their parent’s wings to a world of decision making on their own. After high school some teenagers will choosedecide to head out of state forto college and to live in a dorm, while others will chose to and some decides to continue living at home with their parents. during college. Today we have a lot of graduates …show more content…
He does not even want to go to school. He thinks that his mother is obligated to do exactly what he wants her to do. owes him everything. He feels that he can do whatever he wants at any given time.when he wants. Even though he spent two years on probation,; hHe was only able to keep it together until he made it through theis program. He was not required to do any type of services or work programs for his actions. Therefore, hHe went right back to the same lifestyle after he was released from probation. A year of community service if he finishes school or not would be great for him, whether he finishes school or not. It will teach him about hard work, and responsibilities, andresponsibility and it just might get him on the right track for …show more content…
Nevertheless, it’s still is a major change of life for them. These young adults are placed in a dorm on their own, and are expected to follow every rule that is given to them.They A lot of them just either left a home that did not have any with no rules or, and some a home with a lot of rules. The ones that were raised withoutwith no any rules will want to continue living just like that with no rules, and the ones who which had a lot of rules are ready to rebel. break every rule. Let alone a lot of them just came from parents making sure they are up for school each morning to waking up to their own alarm clock without parents harassing them to get up. This is where the lack of responsibility comes in. is missing. If they do not awake to their alarm clock for college, then they will miss class. If they miss class then they are at take the risk of failing. They have to face their consequences of their own actions. If teenagers are drafted to a year of community service this will prepare them for college and the real world, instead of failure., and not for failure.
Teenagers who prefer to stay home and go into the work field still do things on their own time. Some teenagers are lucky, and are able to get land into a high paying job right out of high school. However, hHigh school has not prepared them

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