Education In High School Life

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In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of life is education. Throughout the four years you are in high school and the four years you are in college, there are a lot of different factors that affect your life. I broke down life into three categories: cost, social, and guidance. Cost refers to the payments you have to make to get your education, such as eating and studying. Social describes the need for a social presence and having friends. Lastly guidance points to the amount of help and support you get from other people. The lifestyle while attending a college is more diverse and gives you freeway to grow as a young adult. Although there are a lot of differences between college and high school education standards, they are more similar than they seem. They both have teachers, test, homework, books, and exams. The courses offered in both are also …show more content…
They make sure your attending class and staying on the right track to graduate. In college that guidance is not available because you will be on your own. You parents will not be there to wake you up in the morning when you oversleep or keep you motivated when you are feeling hopeless. This makes high school life easy, but the real world is not that easy. Once you get into the rhythm of your parents doing everything for you, you’re doomed for failure. Having to make your own decisions and stay on top of your own schedule makes college life more valuable later on in life.
In conclusion, high school and college life has a lot of similarities and differences. Although high school life is better on the costly side and the guidance from parents helps if the student ever gets off track, college life is all around more beneficial later on in life. Ever skill you acquire in college is a skill you will use in your everyday life. The lifestyle while attending a college is more diverse and gives you freeway to grow as a young

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