Analysis Of A College Degree Is Not A Smart Investment For Everyone

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The issue of whether or not to attend a university, and earn a college degree is one that has been generally up for debate. When someone makes the decision to go to college, and to earn a degree, they usually are doing this to set up their future with a successful job. It is argued in the article, “A College Degree Is Not a Smart Investment for Everyone,” written by Stephanie Owen, that it no longer pays off to go down this route, and instead, looking for a job out of high school is the best path to follow. People who decide to go with this idea fail to realize that there are many flaws which make this a bad decision. I disagree with the author’s stance, and instead believe that going to college, and earning a degree sets up the best future …show more content…
One very important advantage of attending a university is the experience and skills that are developed. Beginning college as a freshman is usually the first time most people live without their parents, and they have to start making decisions on their own. College is a unique environment which is almost a microcosm of society. It is a chance for a student to mature and develop in a place where there is still room for error and learning. There are many social, economic, and occupational skills that are acquired during this time attending college, and these skills definitely benefit individuals in their life after college (Schultz). If a recent high school graduate decides to begin the search for a job right away, they will lose the opportunity to form these crucial skills. This can and most likely will make it much more difficult for them to survive out in the world with no supervision. College teaches more than just what is found inside the classroom. It is more than just a degree, as it is also the out of classroom learning that takes place which is very important, and useful in life. The time spend in college is worthwhile for practicing, and getting better at real world problem solving. The decision to pass up the college experience to search for a job out of high school is not in anyone’s best

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