Benefits Of Higher Education : Why Students Should Attend College

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Benefits of Higher Education: Why Students Should Attend College Many students throughout the years have debated whether or not college or another form of higher education is actually worth it. Some students make the decision to not attend a form of higher education, but just to continue straight on into a field of work. Other students make the informed decision to attend a college and receive a form of higher education. Both sides of this argument have valid points on why they feel that their choice is the best option for both them and others. However, the choice to attend college and receive a higher education is the most beneficial choice for all students who wish to maintain a well-rounded job. The facts support that higher education both prepares students for the real world and provides them with a better life. These facts include such things as financial needs, job opportunities and relationships, and better health, as well as, overall happiness. To begin with, attaining a higher education sets students up to be more financially sound. It has been proven that students who receive a degree after high school have been shown to make more money than students who go straight into a profession after graduating high school. Susan Demas supports this statement by saying, “College graduates, on average, make a whopping
One million dollars more in lifetime earnings than those with a high school diploma” (qtd. in “Advantages”). With this being true, it would be completely…

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