The Benefits Of Attending College

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There are three things that need to be known before deciding to go to college. Prospective students need to understand the benefits of college, cost of tuition, and life without a degree.
BENEFITS OF COLLEGE The number one benefit of college is a higher potential in earnings. The amount of money you can make depends on what degree you earn. There are four degrees: associates, bachelors, masters, and PhD. Those with a PhD make about $100,000 more on their annual earnings than a diploma or GED. Only going to college for two years can raise a student 's annual salary by $10,000 (Benefits 2015). All in all, taking the risk to acquire higher education can pay off in the long run.
Another benefit of college is an increase in job opportunities. Big companies hire college graduates for a certain number of reason. The first reason is that college graduates have a better
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It takes until the age 0f 40 in some cases for fees to be fully paid off. Although it may seem like a while, over the course of a lifetime college graduates will make about $830,800 than those without a degree (Purcell et. al 2015). This shows that even though tuition is a hefty cost, higher education is a must .
College costs includes transportation, books, supplies, fees, room and board, and tuition. Full time students attending public colleges and universities in the year 2014-2015 paid on average a tuition of $18,943. Out-of-state students pay as much as $32,762 and public school students pay a tuition of over $42,419. Even the most expensive tuitions charge over $60,000 a year. With a tuition over $60,000, there are many forms of financial aid for such a high price (Farmer 2015). With this said, financial aid makes college easy and

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