The Value Of High School Life Essay

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High school. It changes people into the person they said they’d never become. As my friends and I matured throughout high school, some of us changed for the better and some for the worse. Only a couple of my friends, or who I thought were my “friends” had changed for the worse. Some people who were my friends at the beginning of freshman year, I am no longer that great of friends with now. High School definitely has its way of changing people, especially myself. Here I am now, as a senior, very grateful, with the old and new friends that decided to be in my life. I wouldn’t of wanted to end my journey in high school without them. From freshman year all the way until now, my friends and peers have guided and helped me grow in such positive ways.
Nothing is more intimidating than going into your freshman year of high school with all of the older kids. I was that freshman that was so scared about everything and always
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I will not forget about senior year and the amazing bonds i’ve had with my friends throughout high school. I may have lost some and gained some, but in the end it showed who were my real friends. I have surrounded myself with such amazing friends and they have all impacted me in a positive way. I am in such a good place right now in school and home life. My goal is to make my senior last as long as I can and enjoy it while it last because I hear it’s over in a blink of an eye.
I don’t think I would of made it all they way through high school without my friends and family guiding me along the way. High school has taught me many things, one being that people come and go into your life and sometimes that’s totally okay. I 've taught myself just to enjoy every minute of it before I have to leave for college and become a responsible adult. I hope that the rest of my senior year goes smoothly to end out my years at

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