Graduation Speech

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Update: With graduation next weekend, I can say that my senior year was one to remember. Overall, I became friends with people that I never thought I would have the chance of hanging out with before. “The Crew” is some of the best people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Each one of them is unique in their own way. I thank God for putting me in several classes my senior year with them. If it was not for Him, I would not have formed these lasting relationships. I started out the year being friends with individuals that I thought would always be there for me, and it ended up that they were not when the going got tough. It was really hard at the beginning of the year losing close friends, whom I have known all throughout high school, but …show more content…
I did get an acceptance letter from Wittenberg University; however, that is not where I ended up going in the end. I had earned a 4.0 GPA all throughout high school and am now giving a speech at graduation. Most importantly, I met my goal of making my last year one to remember. Now, I have another set of goals to accomplish after graduation. Some of my goals are earning a Bachelor 's degree from the University of Findlay, choosing a major that best suits me and my abilities to help people, working towards earning my Master’s degree, increasing my faith, and making the most out of these next four plus years of college. I have already signed up for classes at UF and I am so excited to start this new endeavor with new people in a place that I will call home for the next four years. It will be different living with someone else who is not apart of my family; however, I am looking forward to rooming with a girl from Van Buren next year. We have already talked about how excited we are to be rooming with each other on social media. Another thing that I am looking forward to next year, is the Newman Club. I have talked to Mitchell Haan already about being a member and some of the activities that they do. Growing my faith in college is so important to me and I am so thankful to have that opportunity to be put into a club right away that will help me increases

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