Personal Essay: Why I Love To Go To California

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Before I was born, my parents went on their honeymoon in California. Their stories were filled with amazing places, while their pictures showed the wonderful sights. I love when we sit on the front porch swing with the picture album and talk about their trip for hours. I can clearly imagine every little detail that my parents share with me. Their story has always fascinated me since the first time they told me the wild adventure. They had the most crazy adventures from skydiving to swimming with dolphins. Each time I hear the story it makes me feel like i’m standing right there with them, enjoying every moment. I would love to go to California to see the beautiful, clear beaches, visit the adventurous Disneyland, and view the enormous Hollywood.

To begin with, I would want to visit is the beautiful, clear beaches that are on the coast of California. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved to swim. When I go to the
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The first thing I would visit is the amazing Hollywood sign. The Hollywood sign gets seen over five thousand times a month. I would love to visit all the art museums and see all the splendid artwork that’s on display. I would like to view all the tall, massive buildings that scrape the sky. I would like to view the city at night so I can see the shining lights that light the city. I would also like to stroll the walk of fame and see all the celebrities’ hand and foot prints. I would go to the red carpet and see all the stars’ attire and see their fashion style. I would also like to see movie and TV show premieres to see all the excitement and action. I would love to skydive and zipline through the loud jungle and see all the animals that live in the jungle. I would also visit all the restaurants that are all around Hollywood to taste and see how different the food is in Hollywood and Virginia. I would like to go to Hollywood to see all the beautiful

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