Later School Start Times Essay

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  • Later School Start Time

    result in teenagers waking up later too. A good solution would be to have a later school-start time. However, problems that might have been overlooked in the past are now resurfacing. All of these situations suggest a later start time is not a viable solution. After school community resources, will not be able to be accessed as long. Some students go to different learning opportunities after school, such as the public library. However, if high schools start dismissing an hour later, a fairly large chunk of time will be taken from that possible study time. Several high schools have built in libraries that are accessible even after school but, they are very expensive and hard to maintain. Public access locations might have a larger variety too. Teachers will get less time with their families. All teachers show up long before school starts and long after it ends. If time changes to an hour later, teachers will get even less time at home and will probably lose even…

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  • Later Start Time In School

    The average start time for schools across the nation is 8:00. In many of the studies referenced there is a common theme that school starts too early which has a negative effect of the students health and their ability to learn in school. Consequently, a later start time in school, especially high schools, would be extremely beneficial to not only the students but schools as well. Students simply are not awake that early in the morning which prevents them from performing cognitive functions…

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  • Later School Start Times

    People worldwide are concerned about schools starting too early in the day and have been debating about the benefits of later school start times. Every weekday, students must face the struggle of waking up early to get ready for school without getting enough sleep the night before. Schools starting at a later time during weekdays would allow students to have extra time to sleep in the morning and be more alert and focused. This can result in less sleep-related car accidents and tardies. It can…

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  • Later School Start Time Essay

    Later School Start Time If school started later than 8 o’clock, many students would be delighted and would have an opportunity to get more sleep, when most students now face sleep deprivation. All SIS students should have a later starting time for school, such as 9 o’clock. This will make sure that students will get a good sleep that will improve their focus in school, and sleeping a bit more will also relieve health issues. Having school starting times later will ensure that students can…

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  • Should School Start At A Later Time

    Should school start at a later time, some say yay and some say nay. School shouldn’t start at a later time because it’s interference to part-time jobs, it cost a great deal of money, and it cuts away time for after school things, such as homework and extracurricular activities. To start, moving school to a later time could genuinely have an impact on jobs after school. Reported on Should School Start Later, “A later start, say opponents, also interferes with some teens’ part-time jobs and…

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  • Essay On Later School Start Times

    School start times is a major issue for students. It’s has either been affecting them academically, or by reducing the students sleep time. Some schools have made the change of delaying start times, hoping for an improvement in students. Studies have shown that delaying start times does have an effect on students, in a positive way. School Start Time Should be delayed early in the morning. Delaying start times could help students academically and increase sleep time. On the other hand, some…

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  • Should School Be Paid Later School Start Times?

    S School should start at a later time because studies show that teenagers require sleep at different times than children and adults. (Kalish) Many advantages come along with delayed starting times in schools. Starting school later in the morning could potentially cause higher test scores, attendance rates, and lower the number of behavioral issues. It is also proven that when schools delay their start times, their dropout rates decrease significantly. However, there are also many disadvantages…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Later School Start Times

    errors. (Pros and Cons of Later School Start Times). Later school start times would also lead to fewer mood changes (Pros and Cons of Later School Start Times). If people have more sleep and are better rested they will all around be in a better mood. Also it would improve students physical health because sleep deprivation can place people at a higher risk for some diseases (Pros and Cons of Later School Start Times).…

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  • Reasons Why School Needs To Start Later School

    Why change?In an effort to improve students’ academics some insist school needs to start later however it is proven a later start time does not help schools. The reasons why a later school start does not benefit schools are economy, safety and that starting later would be the same as starting early. The first reason school does not needs to start early is economy.For example, is would cost lots of money.“ it would have cost St. Paul $8 million to buy the needed busses” (…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Why Should Schools Start Later?

    go to school? Schools should start later because students aren’t getting enough sleep and energy they need in the morning. In many ways, schools can help support students by allowing them to start later. Extra sleep from later school times can decrease drowsiness which lowers the amount of car crashes per year. Another is improving academic achievements and learning skills. And finally sleep could help with school,sports, and extracurricular activities outside of school. “Sleep is one of the…

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