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  • An Essay About Anne Frank

    Let me just start by saying that Anne Frank is just a perfect little girl. She was thrown into a bad spot in her life but she kept moving forward. If you look at all she has been through you would take a step back and call her a hero because of how brave she was. Anne Frank was just 13 years of age when she went into hiding in a secret annex in the upstairs attic of her fathers work shop. From there she spend just over two and a half years in this secret annex with eights others with nobody to talk to her won age other than a boy peter. To be a girl growing up it was hard for her. She was the youngest out of all of the Jews hiding in the annex so she was thought of as the most annoying of them all and the most irresponsible. Therefore her opinions were…

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  • Bagpipe Band Analysis

    celebrations people always look to arrange for the best entertainment that will make the event enjoyable and memorable for the guests. Well, there is a huge selection of the entertainment out there to choose from. If one really want to make their event a hit and impress their guests then it is imperative to choose something unique that will enhance the entertainment factor. Hiring a bagpipe band in Delhi will certainly prove to be an interesting addition to entertaining the guests. The…

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  • Average Or Below Average Essay

    Jefferson Elementary. Jefferson had this really tall principle and this Asian teacher that never got along with me. I got in trouble for all kinds of things, from lying to the teacher about why I didn’t do my homework to coloring the carpet with crayons during story time. All in all, I loved pigging out at lunch time and going on the monkey bars during recess which I remember falling from and spraining my wrist one time. Six Grade When I first set foot on Leroy F. Greene, which…

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  • Summary Of The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

    of the great writers and most remembered was Richard Connell. Connell was a popular author and journalist whose short stories were regularly published in magazines such as “The Saturday Evening Post” and “Collier’s weekly”. Connell’s writing was different from other authors and screenplay writers in his lifetimes, which allowed his work to stick out. Connell’s childhood, college experience, and experience in the service all influenced his writing topics and style; as well as the Naturalism…

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  • Why I Succeed In My Writing Class

    up with a thesis and an introduction paragraph is what makes writing an essay stressful for me. Not to mention those times when I have writer’s block and I cannot think of any new ideas for my essay. I can fairly say all throughout my high school year I enjoyed my English classes. Although my high school was different than a regular high school because while I was in high school we had the opportunity to take dual credit classes. So, I do have a confession, this is my second time taking English…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Transfer To High School

    for this transfer to high school for many years. In those years I have accomplished many things at Antelope and Berrendos, e.g, all of the academic and athletic awards that I have received. I would like to become an engineer in cars. Also, I might like to work as a mechanic for diesel or electric car companies. I would like to do this because I have always had an interest in cars. The college that I would like to go to would be shasta then transfer to a four year. I do not know what four…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey As A Nurse

    over two years in ICU’s step down called SCU. I have learned a lot in nursing, most of the good and the bad. However, a few memorable moments includes nursing shortage and death and dying. Nursing shortage causes lack of adequate patient’s care and undesired outcome. On the other hand, I have also experienced care for an old patient at her end of life. I struggled emotionally because it was difficult to deal with the physical loss. Key words: new nurse, nursing experience, death and dying,…

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  • Steve Jobs By Tim Cook

    Apple CEO Tim Cook takes some time to remember one of the most memorable American inventors of all time, Steve Jobs. The Apple businessman passed away on Oct. 5, 2011 after losing the fight, battling pancreatic cancer. It would have been Steve Jobs’ 62nd birthday on Feb. 24. To celebrate the life of the industrial engineer, Tim Cook shares his sentiments using a quote from Jobs’ Stanford commencement address. He honors Jobs by quoting him about life’s passions. In his Twitter post, Tim Cook…

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  • Pursuing Nursing Career In College

    I know that college will be challenging for me because of. Learning difficult material is challenging for me. Because I understand and learn differently from others. I would have to study day and night if I’m having difficult the materials. Staying focused is hard for me, little things blow me off and I lose focus. That’s why I try to make sure in all my classes, to sit closer to the teacher to understand more. Financial issues were in the way for me. So I chose the 2- year plan to save more…

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  • NDSU Personal Statement

    NDSU alumni, so furthering my education where they did provides us with a unique bond. Additionally, not many of my relatives attended college, allowing me to see the difficulties in providing for oneself and family without a college degree. Although I know the next seven years are going to be challenging, extremely strenuous, and will push me to the edge of my comfort zone, the satisfaction of administering medical services to those who need them will make it worthwhile. Not only will I be able…

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