Impact of Truthfulness Essay

  • Right To Lie Essay

    The Right to Lie One of the most controversial issues in the modern world in relation to ethics is whether lying is acceptable and good or whether the right to lie exists. Lying has usually been regarded as an immoral act or sin, which has tremendous impact on the society, especially on individuals, families, and groups. Lying is considered as the basis of dishonesty, which has been perceived as the most weird and central human vice across all cultures. Despite this consideration, the question on whether the right to lie has attracted considerable attention and debates that is characterized by arguments and counterarguments in support and opposition of the claim. While some people argue that there is no right to lie, others state that lying has a perfectly suitable social place and function in societal relationships. This article focuses on examining whether the right to lie exists based on the short-term and long-term effects and benefits of lying. Truthfulness According to Kant, every human being has the moral obligation or duty to speak the truth since lying is always morally wrong (p.1). This philosopher postulates that the society is developed on the moral principle of truthfulness. The moral principle is in turn derived from the concept of duty, which is inseparable from the concept of right. In essence, truth in utterances is considered as the formal duty of an individual to everyone. The moral duty to speak the truth emerges from the fact that every individual is…

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  • Korsgaard's Arguments Of The Right To Lie

    every situation is relatively difficult because truthfulness can sometimes damage social relationships and even contribute to harm on the society. In some cases, speaking the truth is a nightmare and worse than lying even though the truth is always desirable. Korsgaard states that being truthful in some situations may make an individual a victim of wickedness of other people who are increasingly willing to abuse the truthfulness (p.14). Therefore, the right to lie provides a platform through…

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  • Example Of Truthfulness In Antigone

    Telling the Truth Essay In the play, “Antigone,” by Sophocles, and in the novel, Nothing but the Truth, by Avi, the major theme is the importance of truthfulness. This is shown through the actions of the main characters, Antigone and Phillip. Antigone stays true to her beliefs by being loyal to her religion and burying her brother despite the pressures from her sister and the state. Philip, the main character, shows a lack of truthfulness by not confessing that he was causing a disturbance…

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  • Is The Death Penalty Justified Essay

    Is the Death Penalty Justified? Death penalty is still controversial topic in our global society. While some of people oppose the executions because of the possibility of misjudgment. There are four sources that researched to find out what is a better argument for death penalties. These four sources have different angle on this death penalty for the reasons of various impact such as the cost of capital punishment, and emotional effect of victim’s family and deterrent for murderers. Among…

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  • Annotated Bibliography: Doctors Discriminate Against The Obese

    for obese patients to get more sick and accumulate health expenses. An important view is that doctors just see their patients’ weight rather than diagnosing the root to causes that contribute to a lack of health. A program created by Rebecca Puhl was made for improvement for obese patients to be calm, generating care, and a respectful environment. The effects doctor’s poor treatment includes more depression, social denial, suicidal feelings, and low self-esteem in their obese patients. The…

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  • The Ethics Of Virtying On The Maintenance Checks

    instances. It’s a slippery slope once you start down it. Additionally, this violates several of Aristotle’s virtues from Virtue Theory, such as courage and honesty. Altogether, it is clear that it might be difficult, but letting your Chief sign off would not be the right thing to do. Three Competing Tensions This situation is very complex, and there are several factors influencing the decision. There are three competing tensions and loyalties. First, there is loyalty to mission to pass an…

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  • Essay On The Most Valuable Entity In My Life

    believe does identify who we are as a whole. In learning more about other religions, this also allows me to increase my knowledge of understanding a person better by their religious background. Consequently, I am a Christian who is intrigued in learning about the beliefs of others. To begin I would state that life is full of excitement yet trials. I believe the purpose of my life that helps it give meaning would be to accept, guide, understand, lead, learn, and love everything that is brought…

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  • Differences Between Interpersonal And Intergroup Communication

    great research and results on the differences and why some are accepted. All of these things talked about in this article could be used to help support me in my TED talk. The outcomes from this study would be a good point for me to highlight in my TED talk. Explaining the differences in each type of lie and why one is more accepted over the other. Masip, Jaume and Carmen Herrero. 2015. “Police Detection of Deception: Beliefs about Behavioral Cues to Deception are Strong even though Contextual…

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  • Implications Of Hispanic Immigration

    million Hispanics in America who do not have proper documentation. There is also great possibility that the number may increase in the future. Given the different opinions and arguments pertaining to effects of Hispanic immigration, it is important to validate the truthfulness of the forwarded sentiments so as to draft and implement the most viable immigration policies. Thesis Statement In the 2016 Presidential elections of the United States of America, business man Donald Trump elected as the…

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  • The Concept Of Femininity In Hard Times By Charles Dickens

    In Hard Times, Charles Dickens uses the characterization of Rachael and Sissy to represent and embody the Victorian ideal of femininity. During the nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution had a large impact on gender roles and inequality, especially in the upper and middle class. Women in English society were confined to the domestic sphere, where they were left at home all day to oversee more domestic duties, while the men went off to work in factories and shops (Hughes). The Victorian…

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