Solid Waste Management Essay

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  • The Melting Point Of Urea And Trans-Cinnamic Acids

    The melting point of a substance is best described as the temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid (Bruice 2014). On the molecular level, when a compound melts the forces between the molecules become weaker. This is because when a substances heats up the kinetic energy between the molecules increase causing the molecules to vibrate. When the vibrations become strong enough for the molecules to move around and pass other molecules, the compound that is being heated up starts to melt and become a liquid. In this lab, five different ratios of two chemical solids, Urea and trans¬-cinnamic acid, were heated up in a Mel Temp apparatus until the final melting point was achieved. Each substance started as a solid in a capillary tube and when they reached the…

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  • Fepo4 Temperature

    Paragraph 1 The research done by Haines on how the atomic structure of FePO4 varies when temperature increases from 294K to 1073 shows few crystal chemical relationships between SiO2 and FePO4. There is a first order variation of cell parameters and atomic orientations with temperatures lower than 980K and α-phase plays a dominant role over β-phase at high temperature. For the α-phase FePO4, the cell parameters increase with a non-linear trend when temperature increases linearly. The volume…

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  • Flask Synthesis Lab Report

    During the extraction process, the sand bath was set to 20℃. The 1.00 gram of ground nutmeg was transferred to the round-bottom flask (RBF) using the plastic funnel. Three milliliter of tert-butyl methyl ether and two or three boiling chips were added into the flask. The black plastic connector was used just like the distillation column with air condenser set-up. The flask was clamped to the ring stand using 3-pronged clamp. The flask was lowered into a slightly depression in the sand without…

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  • Babyliss Pro Essay

    The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush is a professional grade styling tool that uses ion technology to give you smooth hair that is shiny and free of frizz. It has various settings that allow you to control the type of dry and style that you want from your products. The Babyliss Pro is made with superior materials like its titanium barrel, which holds heat, and its bristles, which provide a better grip on the hair. For those who want a professional blow out look without the…

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  • The Art Of Handling Garbage Close

    Melissa, Belic. Nicholas, Brown. Amy Landis. “Toward zero waste: Composting and recycling for sustainable venue based events.” EBSCOhost Researcher. Waste Management. Apr 2015, Vol. 38, p86-94. 9p. This source evaluates a different waste management strategies, the seven waste management scenarios included traditional ways such as composting and recycling. The waste audits were conducted at four Arizona State University (ASU) baseball games, including a three game series. The authors are well…

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  • Municipal Solid Waste Recycling

    municipal solid waste (MSW) a year. Out of the 251 million tons of MSW, 34.5% was recycled and composted. That is equivalent to the average American recycling and composting 1.51 pounds of their daily 4.38 pounds of MSW [1]. Of the 34.5% of MSW that is recycled, which equates to 86 million tons, 65 million tons of MSW was recycled, and 21 million tons was composted. More than half (54%) of the United States’ remaining MSW was sent to landfills, and 29 million (12%) was combusted for energy…

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  • Municipal Solid Waste In America

    quite yet. Americans are collectively producing a greater amount of municipal solid waste (MSW) and are not properly disposing of said waste; for example: one will waste an aluminum can rather than recycling the can, or one will throw away leftover pizza rather than composting the pizza. As the amount of MSW increases, the amount of waste than can be recycled also increases; however, only 34.3% of waste is recycled…

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  • Double Salt Lab Report

    this time, a white solid began to form at the bottom of the beaker. After about thirty minutes, experimenters stopped heating the solution and allowed the newly-formed precipitate to settle. Then a long-stem glass funnel was placed in a ring stand so that a bottom portion of the stem could rest against the side of a 400-mL beaker. Experimenters cleaned the stem with a moistened pipe cleaner. They prepared a piece of quantitative filter paper, folded it in half leaving about 1 mm difference…

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  • Waste Management In Rural Australia

    1. A background to the topic “There is no single ‘right answer’ to solid waste management; rather, a mix of measures and approaches. The solutions that will work in your city have to fit your own circumstances.” (Eduljee, 2010) Waste is a problem without boundaries since the evolution of humankind. Nations all over the world have taken several implementations in order to reduce the impact of waste. But the issue continues in a rapid way limiting the opportunities and wellbeing of the future…

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  • Comparing The Fresh And Hydrothermally Aged SCR Catalysts

    Table 3 shows the BET surface area of both the fresh and hydrothermally aged SCR catalysts. For fresh BEA zeolite and SCR catalysts, as the doping amount of catalytic additive increases, the BET surface area decreases, probably because the additive Cu, Ce, and Nb species blocked some of the zeolite channel, hindering the entry of N2 into the pores (Bin et al. 2014). After aging at 600 °C, all the samples showed 3-20 m2/g increased BET surface area. Aging condition of 600 °C is a relatively mild…

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