Banana as Fertilizer Essay

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  • Banana Fertilizer Essay

    INTRODUCTION Bananas are one of the most important food crops in most of the African countries. About 75% of the farmers grow the crop on 1.3million hectares in Africa. Most of this production is for local consumption. They are amongst the most important commercial subtropical fruits grown in South Africa and are planted for sale in local markets or self-consumption and only a fraction of all bananas are sold in the world markets. The production technologies used for small scale and commercial operations are so different that they are usually separated into two distinct economic activities. On the one hand, small scale production for consumption in the household or sale in local markets makes a limited use of external inputs and is labour intensive.…

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  • Disadvantages Of Manure And Fertilizers

    you can put water in alternative days. Even if you mulch the top layer of soil you didn’t require to pour water every day as mulching can prevent loss of water. Mulching Mulching means covering the top most layer of the soil in the pot for about 2 inches with dried leaves , twigs, grass clippings, saw scrap or any other bio-degradable material to hold the water in the pot without escaping through evaporation . If you mulch you can pour water for every 2 to 3 days depending upon the soil…

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  • Extraction Of Alkali From Banana Peels Lab Report

    Extraction of alkali from banana peels is known to depend on such parameters as ashing temperature, ashing time, soaking time and particle size of the ashed sample, soil type and variety. Alkali was extracted from three Nigerian grown banana peels namely: Saaro, Oloosun and Paranta for the purpose of determining the concentration of the extracted alkali. The concentration of the extracted alkali ranged from 0.02 to 0.10mol/dm3. The three varieties of the banana peels gave a maximum concentration…

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  • Okara Case Study

    Chapter-1 Introduction Plantains and banana constitute the fourth most important global food commodity (after rice, wheat and maize) grown in more than 120 countries over a harvested area of approximately 10 million hectares. The annual production of banana is about 88 million tonnes (Frison and Sharrock, 1999). It is the crop in superior position due…

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  • Organic Gardening Vs Organic Farming

    Organic gardeners use only natural repellants, like essential oils, to keep their gardens free from pests. Floating row covers, nets with small openings, are used on crops to prevent insect infestation. The polyester material allows water, air flow, and sunlight to penetrate the net thus allowing effective pest control without disrupting the growing process. This is used as a prophylactic treatment to prevent an infestation before it occurs ("Organic Fertilizers”). To promote growth, organic…

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  • The Importance Of Nitrogen In Animal Manure For Outwintering

    Introduction This assignment will highlight the importance of utilising government publications to ensure that farmers are staying within the law, and the regulations of any schemes they may be a part of. It will also highlight the need to calculate the amount of nitrogen in animal manure for outwintering, as to not apply more than is allowed beforehand. Fertiliser Programmes Fertiliser is key to attaining high yields when growing crops. RB209 is a publication produced by the Agriculture and…

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  • Urine System Essay

    Nezikokolima Farmers Group in Uganda (“Human Urine as Fertilizer”) and by researchers in Scandinavia. Swedish researcher Jan-Olof Drangert claims that approximately 50% (or more, depending on varying living and dietary circumstances) of an adult’s annual food intake can be provided by urine-fertilized plants (“The Urine Equation,” page 7). Finnish environmental scientists Surendra Pradhan and Helvi Heinonen-Tanski took the exploration of this topic even further at the University of Kuopio, where…

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  • Earthworms Lab

    Introduction: As the world population increases continually, limited amounts of food sources will become a more pressing matter. Agriculture will become more important as a result of the increase in population. The quality of soil is of paramount importance when it comes to planting crops. A major factor attributed to soil quality is the presence of earthworms. Earthworms are very important in the world of agriculture and can help maximize crop yields. In this study, the effects of earthworms…

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  • The Wisconsin Fast Plant

    copper, molybdenum, and nickel. (3). Fertilizer enhances the growth rate of plants. Fertilizer adds nutrients and modifies the water retention and aeration of plants. Fertilizer contains three main macronutrients: nitrogen for leaf growth; phosphorus for the development of roots, flowers, seeds, and fruits; and potassium for strong stem growth. While also containing all the necessary micronutrients needed by plants except for chlorine and nickel. (2). Different types of fertilizer will carry…

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  • Fritz Haber And What's Eating America

    was more good than bad. In the beginning of the 20th century, many people began to worry that the earth couldn't provide for everyone. Sooner or later it would run out of food and we starve to death so Haber came up with an idea to use nitrogen in the air as fertilizer since plants love nitrogen. The process combines hydrogen, nitrogen, high pressure and temperature, and an iron tank to form fertilizer. So the farms can get food out to people run at a faster scale of production. They have…

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