My Hobbies Essay

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  • Leisure Participation

    influence their leisure participation (Oates, Bebbington, Bourke, Girdler, & Leonard, 2011, p. 1881). Leisure participation was determined by categorizing it as participation in friendships, friendship interactions per week, and participation in sports and hobbies (Oates, Bebbington, Bourke, Girdler, & Leonard, 2011, p. 1882). This study will be beneficial…

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  • Childhood Hobby Research Paper

    Can you remember your childhood hobby? Mine consisted of rock collecting and creating “inventions.” My childhood hobbies were replaced as I grew older, but I am pleased to announce that there is another child in my house that has a hobby. It is not uncommon to smell something baking in my kitchen’s oven considering that my mother is a fantastic cook, but she is not always the head chef nowadays. My ten-year-old sister is preparing meals and making batches of cookies for pleasure. I can tell how…

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  • The Importance Of Relieving Stress

    We humans are busy when it comes to the real world. It seems as we age the busier we become which often causes us to get stress. Stress is vital in our lives because keep us alerted and focused, prepared to avoid danger but too much of it is simply vicious for our health. This brings to the topic on why relieving stress is important to keep use in a healthy state of mind. There are dozens of way to relief stress and rely on the person itself. An effective way of relieving stress is to do a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Schedule

    My Schedule If you take time to look around, you will notice that people always appear to be busy. Soccer practices, recitals, jobs and meetings are just a few of a person’s daily obligations. A schedule can be a big help in organizing a person’s time. Schedules help people live a more efficient and productive life. Any free time someone may have available seems to quickly vanish. When we realize that we have free time, we tend to use that time as an opportunity to get more of our…

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  • Essay On My Favourite Hobby

    Favorite Hobby Having a hobby is an essential thing for everyone. When we are young, our parents try to sign us up for swimming classes, ballet classes or soccer classes. As we grow up, our minds develop and we get interested into science classes and summer camps. Seniors are more interested into honor choirs, art exhibitions and designing classes. For college students, the nature of hobbies changes. Advertising for student unions, committees, political parties and elections are everywhere…

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  • Annotated Bibliography For My Hobby

    Annotated Bibliography The Horizon’s article, “Let Me Lobby for My Hobby” by Joseph Kauffman is an editorial defending board games. Kauffman writes about games that require strategy and more player involvement such as “Dead of Winter,” “The Resistance,” and “Funemployed.” He focuses on how social these games are and how they can impact relationships. These sources all relate to the use of board games for social and/or intellectual development. I found my sources in EBSCOhost through the…

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  • Personal Essay: The Importance Of My Hobbies

    What are hobbies? - Life is uncertain and many people have anxiety about it. To reduce the stress and have a sense of control over their lives, some people use their collections to create an emotional comfort zone and distract themselves. We like to surround ourselves with comfort. Whether they are Family photos, videos or things we have made. Collections let people relive their childhood, connect to some period in history or remind them of something sacred. Collecting fills certain emotional…

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  • My Hobby Reading Essay

    tears from my small eyes. I would not read and no one could make me. My brain could not and would not focus on the lessons being taught. I hated everything about reading and writing. I did not understand the purpose of reading when I could just watch a movie and it did not help that every book at my reading level was basic and boring. TV was the greatest thing in my life since Dr. Pepper. I could not have cared less about Dick and Jane or One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish than I did during…

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  • My Characteristics, Hobbies, And Future Goals In My Life

    Dustin, Alvin, Samuel and Christian Are all very different people. They have different talents, hobbies, and future goals. They even have different live experiences, but all of this makes them who they are. Whether, their favorite things are playing video game, reading or skydiving, they are completely different people living in same world. I am Dustin Green, I am 19 years old. I have a talent when it comes to writing balance equations in chemistry. While, some people have a hard time figuring…

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  • College Admissions Essay: A Hobby That Changed My Life

    one of those people who never had a hobby or were interested in anything. I remember every time someone would ask me "what do you like to do in your free time." I would just say swimming, even though I never really liked swimming. Once, I became a senior in high school, my parents came up to me, and started asking me about what I want to major in college. I seriously had no idea and I started to look at what I liked and what I'm good at, and I couldn't think of anything. I remember my parents…

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